New Loch Ness Monster Photo Surfaces — Proof at Last?

George Edwards is a Scottish boater that has sailed the waters of Loch Ness for decades hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive Loch Ness monster.  He’s hardcore about it.  His boat is even christened the “Nessie Hunter.”  Now, Edwards said his lifelong dream has been accomplished.  He believes that he has a photograph that proves convincingly the existence of the beast that has been the subject of tall tales and legends for many years.

Edwards captured the image back in November of 2011, but says that he resisted the urge to publicize the photo until now to give “experts” an opportunity to peruse it and offer their own opinions.  Apparently, these unnamed experts have given Edwards enough faith to go public with his find.  The photograph shows a single hump in the water that Edwards said was moving up the loch towards Urquhart Castle.  It had a dark grey color, and the picture was supposedly taken from a distance of a half a mile away, meaning that the creature in the photograph would be quite large to show up as it did from that distance.  Edwards says that he observed the object for a few minutes before it submerged and did not come back up again.

Edwards says that the experts that verified his find were “United States military monster experts.”  Whatever that means.  The United States military has no known task force for investigating claims like this that is publicly recognized, so we’re not too sure what Edwards is referring to.  While droves of people are checking out the photo hoping to see something as conclusive as Edwards claims in his explanation, the reality is that the photograph shows an object that could be almost anything.  It could be a floating log.  Another problem with it is that all we have to go on is the picture itself and Edwards’ account of the encounter.  Even the size of the object can be heavily debated.  It all depends on how far away the camera was when the photograph was taken.  Edwards says it was a half-mile, and that would mean the object had to be huge, but once again, we only have his word to go on.  Also, if the object was visible as long as Edwards has said it was, why did he only take one photo.  And why in this age would someone be hunting the Loch Ness monster without video capabilities.  Almost everyone can take videos on their cell phone, but the “Nessie Hunter” couldn’t take a video?  Sounds fishy to us, but check it out and let us know what you think.

Nessie revealed? Or overactive imagination of a skipper?


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