Michelle Obama Gets It Right — Why Watch the Conventions Anyway?

So, for tonight’s real pisser:

No word twisting, but come on…doesn’t she have a point?

Okay, we’re not doing any word twisting here.  We try not to do that at Common Sense Conspiracy as best we can.  We are just using the First Lady’s comments to late night talk show host David Letterman as a springboard for a great question that’s been boiling in our brains around here at the CSC newsroom (actually it’s more like a dilapidated shed).

Michelle Obama was doing the late night campaign circuit.  This kind of stuff happens around this time in election years.  Letterman simply asked her what she thought about the Republican National Convention so far.  Michelle’s response:

“As the wife of the guy they’re running against, I tend not to watch it.  But I think it’s important for everyone to watch these conventions, because this is the time you get to know the party, you understand the platform, you understand the candidates.”

This is not us trying to make it sound like Michelle Obama said you shouldn’t watch the Republican National Convention.  Or any convention.  What we like is that first part.  We think she’s on to something.  There’s a lot of wisdom behind that first part.  The second part is just to be fair, and we give her credit for playing the politically correct thing to do.  Actually, though, if you think about it, why do we watch this crap to begin with?

Both conventions of the respective political parties that dominate the United States are nothing more than epic pep rallies.  You know, like the ones you had in high school for your football team.  They are lavish affairs, no doubt costing millions of dollars to put on.  Hmm…wonder where those millions come from?  Michelle was being coy, but the truth is, what does anyone really learn from these conventions?  Is there really something Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, or a myriad of other Republican talking heads is going to say that is going to make a viewing Democrat change his stance?  No way.  These events amount to not much more than a Comedy Central roast, not a real showing of what either party is about.  It’s a whole lot of people saying a whole lot of things that they perceive to be “right.”  Of course, “right” in this case means whatever will “inspire” their base to get out and vote.  “Right” is whatever they think the people want to hear without any respect for what is or will be actually happening.

The entire Republican National Convention is themed around an errant comment that President Barack Obama made that has been reduced to him saying that people in America that built businesses from scratch didn’t really do it by themselves.  Technically, it’s perfectly true.  Unless you are a caveman catching fish with a spear you made in the river to take back to your cave and feed the kiddos, you rely on some kind of infrastructure for whatever you do.  There are all kinds of things the government provides to make small businesses have an incentive to appear, although we could go on a treatise on why that seems to be on its way out (see The American Dream is Dead? for more details).  So, yes the President’s words are being used with an agenda.  It can seem a little silly at times that political parties have to draw on things like this to base their platforms on.  I mean, if you had a cohesive platform for real, you wouldn’t have to resort to such tactics, right?


All the Democrats reading this article are shaking their heads.  Exactly.  The Republicans don’t have a real platform so they have to latch on to a comment like this to be their platform.  Exactly.  Common Sense Conspiracy is spreading some common sense for real here.

Keep that head wagging through this next part.

At the Democratic National Convention coming up, will we hear cohesive plans versus rampant cheerleading and attacking?  You heard it here first.  Yes, we are claiming to be able to foretell the future.  Here goes.  The DNC will focus on Mitt Romney being rich, covering up his tax returns, and being completely disconnected from the middle class.  Who will tell us this?  A bunch of rich white guys that know nothing about the middle class themselves.  What do you think the average wage of everyone in the building during either of these conventions is?  Okay, I guess they probably have people to cook and prepare refreshments and someone to take out the trash, so that makes the average come way down.  But how much do you think that average would be still, even with the average $25,000-a-year janitor bringing it down?  There’s no way to come up with an accurate number, but you can bet your you-know-what it would be at least six figures.  A good chance it might hit seven.  At the Republican one, it is probably eight, because Romney alone brings the average sky-high.  Don’t think that there are no heavy-hitters on the other side of the aisle.  Somewhere along the way, the Democratic Party has somehow convinced portions of the American public that it “understands” the middle class.  They understand it all right.  They understand they don’t want it anywhere near them.  Better to pay money to help them out and keep them over there across the water and out of their neighborhoods.

The Republicans don’t understand it either.  How could they?  Where is the middle class representation?  When you boil it all down to get to the ingredients, it’s pretty simple.  Both parties at the top consist of a bunch of rich white people.  That’s what makes President Obama’s ascension so amazing.  Both parties are nothing more than a congregation of rich white people that spend millions of dollars to monopolize our nation so they can decide what to do with the rest of us.

They can see us there over the water.  What if we ever get across?  Imagine them looking across the divide with a hand over their eyes to shield the sun.  Look over there.  It’s the middle class.  God forbid they ever get over here.  Over where we are.

There goes the neighborhood.

You want to educate yourself on what these parties are all about, then watch the debates.  That’s where you find out something about what they really believe, and not what they prepared for the pep rally.  They could do a lot of good with the millions of dollars they waste throwing a party to make them feel better about themselves.

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  1. Thanks for putting hurricane Issac directly over my Mardi Gras. Of course it’s a pep rally, my pep rally. An opportunity for right wing extremists like me to get see that we’re not alone. I, and many others, choose not to follow football or Nascar and this is our sport. It’s super bowl week for me. I blame my republicanism on the fact that I served in the military under Carter and Reagan. Ever since then I’ve been hooked. I honestly don’t know the difference between a tight end and a safety. Don’t care. But I am seriously concerned about what Wasington does with my tax money. BTW, I wept when Condi Rice spoke last night.

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