Megachurch Pastor Fired For Committing A Sin

Jack needs a new megachurch, if you have any extra?

First Baptist Church of Hammond, a Chicago area megachurch, has fired pastor Jack Schaap for committing a sin. That’s right, A SIN. The 54-year-old Schaap, who has pastored the church for 11 years, has reportedly had a romantic relationship with a minor. He had the relationship with a 16-year-old girl. Yes, she is 16 YEARS OLD! This man is old enough to be her dad or her grandfather. He was fired because in the church bylaws, adultery is grounds for dismissal. Do you want to know what else Jack Schaap does? He writes advice books about dating. Really? This man is married for 30 years, has 2 kids, writes advice books on dating and has an affair with a 16-year-old girl. This is just crazy.

Now you might be wondering were the CSC stands on this. Well here it is. GOOD!!!  He should have been fired. We would like to tell the church, GOOD for you. You should not have to tolerate this kind of behavior out of the PASTOR of all people. This man is supposed to be leading you and all the people that attend that church. How can he lead them from sin when he is committing sin himself? Here is another example of a church leader who is giving the church a bad name. The church does not need another scandal, but here it is. What is going on with all the pastors today? Especially the ones with a megachurch.

It seems like it is just one pastor after another that is going down amid controversy. Before everybody freaks out about this man getting fired for a sin, look at what he did. He committed a horrible sex crime against a minor. In the eyes of the people, that is almost unforgivable. Only God can help this man now.

We would like to say that yes, he should have been fired. He will probably end up in jail for this crime. And yes it is a crime, even if it is a pastor guilty of the offense. Pastors are not above the law.

Good for you First Baptist Church of Hammond. GOOD FOR YOU!