Did UFC Fighter Jon Jones Just Compare Himself To Jesus??

Jon Jones doesn’t defend his title to just anyone. You know, unless he’s sure he can beat them.

UFC fighter Jon Jones, the current light heavyweight champion, took to social media and compared himself to Jesus. The comparison started when Jon decided to TURN DOWN a fight. That, by itself, doesn’t seem like much. The thing is, his decision resulted in the UFC canceling their event UFC 151. For the first time ever, the UFC took this drastic action because of a fighter’s decision to turn down a fight. The event was canceled when Jon Jones decided he didn’t want to fight Chael Sonnen. Sonnen and Jones would have been taking the fight on 8 days notice. Chael commented that he would fight Jones the same night that UFC president Dana White called him.

Well, after all this, Jones responded on social media saying, “carrying the cross for my company’s decision”. REALLY!!!  Parents, now is the time to put the kiddies away. Jon Jones is not carrying a cross for his company. The UFC canceled their event because JON JONES IS A PUSSY! I said it, damn it. Someone has to. Fighters have taken their fights on short notice before, so what is the problem? Jones is the same man, in an interview, who said that “I will do whatever the UFC wants.” Did you remember saying that? You also said that you would not do anything to put the UFC in a bad light. What about your DUI? I guess that didn’t matter because you got a HUGE deal from Nike anyway. Jon, you have all the talent in the world, but you will be remembered for DUCKING Chael Sonnen. That’s right, you are ducking him. What do you think it looks like? If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, well you know the rest. You are the world champion. Turning down a fight should not even be in your vocabulary, unless you are injured. I forget, what injury did you have?

Chael may not be the most popular fighter, but you have to respect his willingness to MOVE UP A WEIGHT CLASS and fight the world champion on short notice. He has no problem fighting anyone, just ask Anderson Silva. Do not start crying that you are carrying a cross because you are not. Don’t compare yourself to Jesus or try to make yourself out to be a martyr. You are none of these things. One of the things that you say factored in to your decision to turn the fight down was that Chael’s style was different than your original opponent Dan Henderson. That’s not true either, is it? They both fight the same. Stand, punch, shoot, wrestle, ground and pound. What is so different?

When you are the world champion, you should not tell the UFC no. You should fight whoever they put in front of you. Other fighters have turned down fights before, but Jon, you turning down the Sonnen fight resulted in the entire event being canceled. Who else did that? Oh yeah, JUST YOU!

Don’t make excuses because your testicles shriveled up when you were asked to fight Chael Sonnen. And because your testicles are nowhere to be found, don’t compare yourself to Jesus to try and justify your actions. Before you do any more interviews, ask your trainer Greg Jackson for permission to get your balls out of his pocket.

Our advice to you Jon is this:  when you find yourself in a hole that keeps getting deeper, STOP DIGGING!