Common Sense Conspiracy Celebrates a Half-Million Viewers — Just in Time

We take a break from the usual conspiracy news and banter to give a special thanks to all of our loyal readers.  Common Sense Conspiracy was created almost exactly one year ago, and today we celebrate our 500,000th visitor.  That’s right, in our first year in existence, over a half-million of you guys stopped by to see what we got, and we couldn’t be happier.  As we head into year two, there are plenty of exciting things on the horizon.  Of course, we have the upcoming presidential election, the doomsday prophecies surrounding December 21, 2012, brewing unrest between Israel and Iran in the Middle East, and all the conspiracy mainstream regulars.  Then there’s always that other one…the unknown.

Thanks for reading and supporting Common Sense Conspiracy and we can’t wait to write a similar message for one million!


Your Common Sense Conspiracy Administrators

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