Chinks in the Armor? Clint Eastwood and Others Endorse Mitt Romney

Go ahead...make Romney's day!

Despite repeatedly speaking to the contrary, many people had already chalked up Clint Eastwood to the President Obama side of the political fence.  This was mainly attributed to his advertisement that aired during the Super Bowl called “halftime in America” that was considered by a lot of so-called experts to be pro-Obama.  Now, Eastwood has made it official that he is anything but pro-Obama.  At a fundraiser event, he officially announced that he endorses Mitt Romney for President in the upcoming election.

While Clint Eastwood is easily Romney’s most prominent celebrity supporter yet, there have been some other unexpected endorsements coming his way.  Recently, Jon Voight, Oscar-winning actor, expressed his endorsement as well as rock and rap star Kid Rock.  In a time when the entertainment business is known to be overwhelmingly liberal, do these surprise endorsements indicate dissension in the ranks?