Chavis Carter Shot Himself in Head in Apparent Suicide — While Handcuffed in a Police Car?

Suicide? Or murder victim?

Chavis Carter was a 21-year-old black man who was pulled over by police in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  It was a standard traffic stop, but officers saw marijuana in his car and detained him.  Chavis was handcuffed and searched by police.  His handcuffs were double-locked.  This is standard procedure and causes the handcuffs to be locked in their position so that they cannot tighten down on the person’s wrists while they are restrained.  He was then put in a police car while the investigation continued.

That is what we know.  After that, we have only the accounts of the officers in the incident to go on.  According to them, Chavis Carter had a gun on his person that officers did not find in the search.  He was able to produce it from its hidden location while handcuffed behind the back in the police car.  He then was able to shoot himself in the head with it.  The single shot to the head was fatal.  Now, the FBI is getting involved as the questions circling the curious and tragic incident are many.

The police have stuck to their story.  But the police chief Michale Yates stoked the conspiracy fires with some of his comments on a television show.  He called it “definitely bizarre and defies logic at first glance.”  The officers involved are currently on administrative leave (no word on whether this is a paid absence or not).  Yates did say that camera footage revealed no projectiles coming out of the patrol car and eyewitnesses have confirmed that the officers were nowhere near the car when the incident allegedly happened.

While it is bizarre, as the chief said, this should be a fairly easy investigation.  If Chavis did shoot himself in the head with a gun that he had concealed that the officers did not locate, his fingerprints should certainly be on the gun, which was retrieved by officers.  Shouldn’t take long for the FBI to get to the bottom of it, but something still stinks about the whole situation, doesn’t it?  Naturally, Teresa Carters, Chavis’ mother, believes the police killed her son and are trying to cover it up.  She has cited the fact that the wound was to his right temple as evidence.  Chavis was left-handed.  The idea is that he would have been more likely to have the gun on his left side and to have shot himself in the left side of the head.  Also, during the traffic stop, Chavis apparently called his girlfriend to inform her of his plight.  He told her that he was probably going to jail but would call later on that night when he was allowed the chance to do so.

Police officers miss things on occasion, but something as bulky as a handgun should be a slam dunk in a proper search of a suspect.  After all, if he was able to get it out as easily as he did while handcuffed, it must not have been concealed in a very far-off spot, right?  Then again, there was a famous recent case where police missed a gun stuck in a woman’s pants.  There were photographs of an officer searching the woman with the gun clearly protruding from her pants.  She actually made it all the way to the jail with the gun stuck in her waistband, where it was finally discovered.  So, it’s possible.  That has been proven.  What do you think?  Does the police story work for you?  Or is there more to the story.  Let’s discuss.