Burger King Sued By 15-Year-Old After Management Strip Searched Her — Prank Call?

Well, it could be worse. At least they didn’t donate money to Christian groups.

This next story has so many problems we don’t even know where to start.  First we want to tell you what happened, and then, this will become a full public service announcement.  A 15-year-old girl that worked at a Burger King fast food joint in Pendleton, Indiana is now suing the company after a way too successful prank call resulted in her being strip searched by the manager.  Basically, some unknown person came up with an elaborate prank call scheme, probably not really expecting it to work.  The caller, a male, contacted the Burger King restaurant and pretended to be a police officer investigating a theft.  Part of the evil plan was to try to get the store manager of the Burger King to strip search the female employee.  It is all inappropriate enough already, but add in the girl is only fifteen, and it starts to smell a little ahem, Sandusky-ish.

Remarkably, the store manager fell for the ploy and actually told the girl that he was going to have to search her in the back room.  He did take some precautions.  He called another employee to witness the strip search.  Yes, you guessed it, another employee that happened to be a male.  Not that any of that really matters.  This search should not have been taking place in any format, regardless of who was doing it.  Anyway, the girl complied with the request and stripped down.  The manager inspected her body and made her turn around so he could complete his inspection.  According to the lawsuit, she was naked for almost a half-hour.  That’s a thorough investigation.

Want to hear the really scary part?  The prankster didn’t stop there.  He tried the same trick at three other Burger Kings.  Horrifically, two of the managers also strip searched their employees.  One hung up the phone.  Kudos to him for having some sense.

Okay, now for the public service announcement part of our program.  First of all, tell your kids that no one, I repeat no one, should be strip searching them unless they have been arrested and are in the custody of the police.  At that point, they may have no choice, but there is no situation where one civilian should be strip searching another civilian.  Even if there is a good reason to suspect that an employee had stolen money or property and had hidden it on their person somehow, that does not make it appropriate to strip search them.  You could ask them to empty their pockets, but it shouldn’t go much farther than that without being turned over to professionals.  If you’re so sure that you are thinking about strip searching a person, call the police.  Tell your kids.  Never go along with this.  This incident was a result of people being idiots, but we don’t have to point out how this same situation could have easily been more sinister.  Don’t be afraid, either.  If the place wants to fire you because you won’t take your shirt off, fine.  Assuming you don’t have a high-powered CEO job knocking down millions, it’s not worth it, and you will most likely have an excellent case to sue or get your job back when the situation is presented to the right person.  Just say no!

We could get into all the legalities involving law enforcement and this same topic, but we are staying away from the gray areas.  If someone that is not a member of law enforcement wants to strip search you, run the other way.  This is wrong on so many levels.  Thanks and have a nice day.  Remember, keep your pants on, kids.

5 thoughts on “Burger King Sued By 15-Year-Old After Management Strip Searched Her — Prank Call?”

  1. I can’t believe a **manager** fell for this .I hope she sues the a*$ off the manager and Burger king.

    1. Sues burger king for what ? Being absolutely retarded? Forget about the manager this kind of hoax has been covered on every news network extensively since 2006 . At some point this girl is just retarded for complying.

  2. Funny, just searched this as I’m watching that exact law and order episode. They say that it is all fictional but they definitely base some episodes on real life crimes. What a terrible thing to happen to an employee, they are so young and obviously did not know their rights.

    1. I cant believe this warning was posted so late to the game.
      That law and order epsiode is based on the 2006. Mount Washington case where a man was somehow aquitted of calling close to 70 locations, ending with a mount washington mcdonalds where not only strip searches were complyed with but naked exercising, siting in managers laps and kissing them, and performing oral sex, either by the naked victim or on the victims by the manager.
      This is a messed up hoax , but at some point how can you be that stupid? On the off chance you do believe its a cop isnt it better to be arrested for non compliance with his orders then a sex crime…and losing your morality.

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