Bad News for Protestants — The Only Candidate You Have on the Ticket You Think Is a Muslim

Can you find the Protestant?

The Republican party in America is known for carrying a large chunk of the Protestant Christian vote.  For this reason, Protestants are almost always included in the presidential race in some form of fashion.  Actually, nix the always.  Protestants are always a part of the presidential race.  This election year is no exception…except that the only Protestant on the ticket is, surprisingly, Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon, as has been well-publicized.  On Saturday, he chose Paul Ryan as his running mate for vice president.  Ryan is a devout Catholic.  So is current Vice President Joe Biden.  That means that if many Protestants vote on the Republican side, as history seems to indicate, it would be the first time in American history that a president and vice president took office without either being of the Protestant religion.

Now, Protestant is a wide umbrella for many, many Christian denominations, while Catholic is pretty much a standard.  The term Protestant comes from the root word “protest” going all the way back to England and the breaking off from the Catholic Church.  From there, Protestants split into many different versions of the same thing, and it can be viewed on almost any major street in America just how diverse these denominations are.  That being said, not one of these many denominations is represented on the presidential ticket of the Republicans.

Can you find the white guy?

So, is it an open-and-shut case, like they say?  Should Protestants break rank with the Republicans and vote for Barack Obama to keep someone of their religious affiliation in the White House?  Well, the problem there is far too many Protestants are doubtful of Obama’s roots as well.  First of all, there’s all sorts of conspiracy fodder that Obama is really a Muslim in Protestant’s clothing.  Now, the CSC has addressed in previous articles the fact that there is no evidence of this, and much “evidence” turns out to be false or fabricated under further investigation.  Remember the famous urban legend that Obama refused to put his hand on the Bible during the Inauguration or failing to put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem.  False.  These were fabrications spread around to create just such assertions as we now have by too many uneducated people.  Then, one could say there is just as little evidence supporting that Obama is a true Protestant at heart.  Most Protestants would immediately point to his groundbreaking and history-making support of gay marriage as an obvious break from the school of thought and theology in the Protestant denominations of Christianity.

So, Protestant Christians, you’re gonna have to make a decision.  And you can’t go anti-Catholic, since there are Catholics on both sides of the fence.  Throw that one out.  Maybe Protestant Christians should simply close their eyes and vote blindly.  Or flip a coin.  Actually, maybe that’s what everyone should do, because it’s hard to believe that whichever candidate America chooses, the outcome will be much different.

3 thoughts on “Bad News for Protestants — The Only Candidate You Have on the Ticket You Think Is a Muslim”

  1. A poor attempt, at best, to lead the readers away from the TRUTH in that THERE IS photographic evidence of Obama failing to salute the American flag and his obvious strong leanings towards Islam. Try as you might, your roll as a troll is equally exposed.

    1. We would be happy to agree with you MadMarine, as soon as you provide the photographic evidence in the correct context and not edited to match your situation. Until then, I’m afraid it is you that is leading someone away from THE TRUTH.

  2. The term Protestant comes from the root word “protest” going all the way back to England and the breaking off from the Catholic Church.

    Germany. The Reformation started in Germany. Martin Luther, 95 Theses, 1517…ring a bell?

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