2.3 Million Toilets Recalled in the United States — Explosions???

Don't let it happen to you.

Flushmate is a company that manufactures flushing mechanisms for toilets.  Their Flushmate III Series 503 has caused some problems in models all over America, resulting in 304 complaints of explosions.  That’s right toilet explosions.  Holy s**t!  The company says that the mechanism can burst when stored pressure is released.  It apparently is powerful enough to lift the tank lid off of the toilet when this happens, and it has been known to shatter the tank.

In response to the complaints, Flushmate has issued a recall of 2.3 million toilets in the United States and another 9400 in Canada.  That’s a lot of toilets slated for the return line.  Most of the complaints simply reported that the toilet had exploded and damaged the tank, while fourteen incidents resulted in injuries because of cuts or pieces of the toilet striking people.  So, next time you go to the john, watch yourself when you go to pull the lever.

Products including the faulty flusher can go back as far as toilets from 1997, so unless you’re dealing with a very old toilet, you might want to check into it.  Flushmate has set up a special website so people can enter the serial number off of their toilet to see if they are one of the 2.3 million lucky people that need to have their toilet replaced in case of an explosion.  The website is located here.