12-Year-Old Girl TASERED By Police At Victoria’s Secret — What The Hell Is Wrong With The Police??

Dejamon is clearly a formidable foe.

Dejamon Baker, a 12 year old girl, was TASERED by police in a St. Louis Victoria’s Secret. The problem is that police tried to arrest her mother. The girl’s mom had several warrants out for her. The police say that Dejamon was “physically interfering” with their attempts to arrest her mother. What the hell is wrong with the police?

It seems that police nowadays are tasering first and asking questions later. We thought there was a progression of force by the cops? Well they are jumping straight to the taser. If you are a police officer, and you cannot restrain a 12-year-old girl, it is time for a career change. People are getting hurt by the tasers. We wonder if the police are getting trained to just taser people. They ask a question, taser them. They get anywhere near you, taser them. They do anything, taser them.

This goes out to anyone who encounters the police. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! These people will taser you without a second thought. For your own good, just hope you don’t have to have to encounter the police. You may wind up brain dead or the taser may just kill you outright. It is not worth your life. The police will ruin your quality of life with just one taser. They say the taser is harmless. The thing is, there are too many reports of people dying, getting brain damage, becoming brain dead with just one fateful meeting with a police taser.

We can’t have guns but they can just keep tasering people. What’s wrong with this world?