Will The Depopulation Conspiracy Finally Be Laid To Rest?? World Population To EXCEED 9 Billion by 2050

This is a unique question to be asking. Normally, a conspiracy is not laid to rest. Sometimes the conspiracy will lay low for awhile, and then something will happen to stir the debate once again. The NWO has long said that they have a depopulation agenda in place. They believe that a smaller population is the way to go. A previous article of ours laid out the case that they don’t need a smaller population, because they already control everything with the current world population of a little over 7 billion. Well, it has been determined by birth rates and what have you that the world population will EXCEED 9 billion by the year 2050. So, in 38 years, we will add more than 2 billion MORE people to the mix. If those numbers are accurate, wouldn’t it seem that the depopulation agenda IS NOT WORKING?

Ironically, it seems like the "green routine" is more worried about population control than the New World Order.

Whatever the plans are to depopulate the world are clearly not working. Common Sense Conspiracy is NOT an advocate of the NWO’s plans, we are just pointing out that maybe this conspiracy should be laid to rest. While we do acknowledge the struggles to feed more people, we do not believe that killing a huge part of the world is the answer. You hear all the time about these killer viruses they want to unleash, famines and droughts, floods, natural disasters, vaccines they want us to take, and all the while the world population continues to GROW. Other conspiracy sites will tell you all about these well laid plans of the NWO. The thing they FORGOT to tell you is, while these plans are being implemented, the population continues to grow and grow and grow. What does the number have to get to before we say this conspiracy is no more? How many more billions will have to be added?

You would think that this would have been talked about before. You would also think that the NWO’s reputation would be tarnished. They can’t seem to get those pesky population numbers under control. Why? They control everything else. What is the problem? I guess they just can’t keep up with the birth rates. More babies are being born, and they can’t seem to kill enough of us. Now, we are not saying that this is not one of their plans. We are just saying that this plan seems to have fallen on its face. Looks like the big bad NWO can’t follow through on everything.

So, back to the original question, what does the number have to get to before we lay this conspiracy to rest? Go on, throw a crazy number out there. How many billions did you say???

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