Welcome to The Matrix — Energy From Our Bodies Will Power Machines in 2014

In just 2014, heart rate monitors could be powered by the human heart and not just monitoring it.

Okay, so the technology is in its infancy and not fully realized as of yet.  Still, a company called TEGwear is making bold claims that in 2014, two years from now, they will bring to the market gadgets that have no battery or other power source.  They will derive their energy from humans.  At this point, a very small amount of power can be created (we’re talking milliwatts), and they believe it could be used to power devices that use very low amounts of power perpetually.  A good example is a heart rate monitor or devices people use when exercising.

The concept revolves around thermoelectric energy.  Body heat from the body and the contrast of cooler air around the device will be combined to harness usable energy.

We at Common Sense Conspiracy highly suspect that this technology already exists and in much greater forms than what TEGwear is proposing.  But remember what this really means?  These devices TEGwear is talking about would derive their power from the user and never need a power source EVER.  That means no battery sales.  Nothing.  One purchase and until it wears out, you’re done.  Sounds good, but it doesn’t sound good for everyone?  Think battery companies.

For every technological advancement, disease cure, and discovery out there that happens, there is always another entity that wishes nothing more than to suppress it and keep it from making its way to the masses.