United Nations Proposes A Billionaire Tax To Support Poor Nations

The UN has about as much control over any one billionaire in this world as it does any of its member nations.

The United Nations has proposed a billionaire tax in an effort to help support the poor nations of the world. The U.N. believes that the wealthy nations have broken promises they made to help the less fortunate. This is just one proposal they have suggested. The other two are a tax on carbon dioxide emissions and currency exchanges or financial transactions. The billionaire tax would raise $400 billion a year for the poor countries. There are 1,226 people worth $1 billion. Those people own $4.6 trillion, so the U.N. says a 1% tax would raise $46 billion. Amazing now how a world organization is now talking about distributing the wealth around. Didn’t Obama want to do this? It was Warren Buffett who famously said that he pays less taxes than his secretary. But, let’s take a look at one of the other suggestions.

The U.N. believes that a $25 tax per tonne on carbon emissions would raise $250 billion, to be collected by national governments but allocated to international cooperation. This sounds oh so familiar. Didn’t Bilderberg want to impose a carbon tax? Australia is currently dealing with the issue of a carbon tax. In our estimation, the carbon tax may be the way they go. Why? Because you know just as we know that the billionaires of the world are NOT going to give up their wealth to help anyone. They will not help me, you, your friends, my friends, joe nobody who lives down the street, absolutely NO ONE! That is just a fact. They are more prone to decide to find a way to tax US, and make us pay for everyone else. Now, if the billionaires were taxed, it might not be a bad plan. The problem is, they will pass the buck off to us, as they always do.

This supposed billionaire tax is just the U.N. going through the motions. They have probably already decided to go with the carbon tax, mainly because a carbon tax has been a goal of the NWO for a long time. We all know that what they want, they get. They will find a way out of this billionaire tax. You can bet that they have some lawyers working on it already. So, everyone get ready. There may be another tax on the way for the rest of us. For a world body who is supposed to be pushing for a world government, why would they offer a suggestion that would benefit the poor countries? That’s the thing, it makes no sense for them to suggest this. They want a smaller population (that will be addressed in another article), so why offer help? The U.N. knows that the major powers of the world probably consider them to be a joke. The U.N. has long sought to be taken seriously, to no avail. Everyone thinks they are useless. The major world players, average people like me and you, the poor countries, the billionaires, all probably think the U.N. is useless.

Honestly, can anyone name ANY good thing the U.N. has done? We can all probably name several bad things they have done, but nothing good. If  this does go through, and the poor countries get the money they need to survive, the U.N. will probably figure out a way to PAY BACK the billionaires for their contributions.

The United Nations may well be the longest running joke in the world.