Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Split After Five Years of Marriage — Scientology to Blame?

The Church of Scientology is one of those things that constantly gets bad press.  Everyone goes “oh those crazy Scientologists!”  And Tom Cruise is one of the most visible Hollywood celebrities to be outspoken about his faith, as well as John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston.  There are many others, but these are the ones that make the news regularly.  Now that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are calling it quits after five years of marriage, there is widespread speculation that his devotion to Scientology may be one of the reasons the flame flickered out.  But how many of you really know what Scientology is and what it’s all about?  This is not an endorsement of Scientology by any stretch of the imagination.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy do like to educate people and help them have a better understanding of what is really going on, not just what the media or public opinion tells you.

Living in the shadow of Cruise may also have been a factor in the split. Katie's career hasn't exactly been on fire since their marriage.

First things first, Scientology is often confused with Christian Scientists.  There are major, major differences between these two faiths that tend to stray from conventional religious beliefs.  The biggest and most obvious difference is, as the name suggests, that Christian Scientists do believe in Jesus Christ.  However, they believe that everything about the workings of their faith can be explained scientifically, meaning that their religion and the science of the world are supposed to corroborate each other.  For example, they believe that when Jesus healed people, it was because he had an intimate knowledge of the human body and knew how to do it.  Not that it was a supernatural event.  Scientology is much different.  Scientologists recognize Jesus only as a historical figure.  In fact, Ron Hubbard, the science-fiction writer that gave birth to the Scientology movement in the 1950’s, has said in interviews that Jesus was homosexual, that he was given to angry outbursts, and at least one time, that he did not exist.  He has even said that Christianity has been implanted in us through electronic devices.  Hubbard was heavy into Satanism before he created his own religion, so it could be said that much of Scientology has its roots from there, although Scientologists do not actively worship Satan.

Scientology is more about personal development.  It is a religion in the classic sense, but the focus is on improving yourself.  Each person is believed to be using only a small amount of their full potential.  Scientology does indicate that their is a supreme being, or God, but they do not necessarily think it coincides with the description offered by conventional religions.  They believe that they should not be regarded as in conflict with Christianity or other religions, but to be existing peacefully alongside it.  The focus is personal development, especially the developing of natural abilities they believe everyone has but few are able to tap into.

Scientology does revolve around reincarnation.  Every person supposedly has a soul that never dies.  Upon Earthly death, it passes on to another body.  Each soul is pure and good at its beginning and has unlimited possibilities for what it is capable of.  Scientists observe birthdays, funerals, and marriages, but they do not observe other common religious holidays, most notably Christmas.  Many famous people that are into Scientology have said that they never would have gotten where they are in life without developing their abilities through the tenants of the faith.

There is also some talk about the number 33.  All three of Tom’s wives hit the road when they turned 33, which happens to be a sacred number in the Church of Scientology.  Some think that maybe Cruise believes that at that age he must change to keep his positive energy intact.  However, Scientology experts have said that this is mostly rubbish and most likely pure coincidence.  It is also being discussed that the Church of Scientology may not recognize their divorce, but like most religions, there is a whole set of circumstances that will apply, and we have not been able to confirm this possibility based on the church doctrines.

So, when it’s all said and done, yes, Scientology is much different than Christianity, and Katie Holmes probably felt a great degree of culture shock when she took up with Cruise and was exposed to his faith, which many label as a cult.  Her child Suri may play into this as well.  She may not want Suri to be exposed to Scientology any more than necessary or be looking to enjoy the simple things in life, like being able to give Suri Christmas presents or hunt Easter eggs.  No doubt Tom Cruise would frown on either of these activities, despite the fact that Scientology claims that it co-exists with other religions.

It should also be noted that Hollywood marriages are not exactly known for their longevity in the first place.  Ironically, mad man Mel Gibson had one of the longest marriages ever (30 years) until it ended a few years back.  Religious differences are not one of the more common reasons for celebrity couples to split, that’s for sure.  Infidelity is probably number one.  And they do live non-conventional lifestyles.  Even when their marriage seemed to be okay, the nature of their occupations meant that Cruise and Holmes were often away from each other for weeks at a time.  It’s a tough lifestyle to maintain a level of intimacy.  A lot of questions will be answered after the divorce runs its course, because at some point Katie is sure to come out and explain the situation in an attempt to jump start her career back off.  It will also be interesting to see if she maintains any connection to the Church of Scientology or shuns it completely.
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