The Controversy Over Chick-fil-A — Are Christian Organizations Anti-Gay By Default?

In case you live under a rock, there is a brewing controversy about the stances of popular food franchise Chick-fil-A on the issues of gay marriage and homosexuality in general.  One thing that we at Common Sense Conspiracy noted about this from the get-go was who was saying what.  Interestingly enough, you’re not seeing a lot of actually gay people complaining or taking the restaurant to task.  What you are seeing is a whole slate of Hollywood and liberal personalities lining up to take the cause.  However, it is the presentation of the situation by the mainstream media that is most disturbing.

Funny, we thought Chick-fil-A was just anti-chickens. Maybe just the gay chickens.

The controversy hinges on two different things.  One, the Chick-fil-A company has made donations to several Christian-based foundations over the last several years.  The media has branded them not as Christian-based foundations, but anti-gay foundations.  Also, the president of the company made some comments in a radio interview that have drawn a lot of criticism.  Basically, Dan Cathy says that he believes that messing with the “biblical” idea of marriage is inviting “God’s judgement” on America.  When pressed further, he stuck to his guns, saying that Chick-fil-A supports the biblical definition of the family unit.  They have long stuck to their principles, refusing to open on Sundays in a business climate where it almost a requirement to stay competitive.

So, that’s the facts.  Now that we got that out of the way, let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?  Dan Cathy has been abundantly clear on what his view of marriage is all about.  Ironically, the majority in America tends to agree with him.  Now, don’t worry, there will be twenty people lined up in the comments section to challenge this, but the laws speak louder than any words we can bring up.  At this point in our history, people are not ready to redefine marriage in any way.  Is that right or wrong?  Well, that is something that each individual has to decide for his or her self.  But while you can make an argument that Cathy should have kept his mouth shut on this issue, you have to respect someone for sticking to their principles even if it’s unpopular to do so.  Look at politics.  Our politicians (and certainly our President) flip-flop their “principles” day in and day out.  Why?  To match whatever it is they think will establish the best reputation for themselves and get them the most votes so they can keep their positions of notoriety and keep that paycheck rolling in for years to come while they quite often don’t even satisfy their obligations to, gasp, show up.  Just look at Congressional voting records.  Would those no-shows get you fired at your job?  If you have one, of course.  But, we digress.

The controversy is being billed as revolving around Chick-fil-A being “anti-gay.”  People are outraged and taken aback.  But where are the Christians that are shocked and outraged?  Now, at first glance, you think I’m saying that Christians should be rallying to the cause staking their claim in the “anti-gay” pie.  Standing up for what they believe in.  Actually, I believe they should be standing up for the fact that they are being branded as “anti-gay” by the media and supporters of gay marriage when they have done nothing to deserve that title.  Opposing gay marriage is not “anti-gay.”  No more than supporting gay marriage is “anti-heterosexual.”  Now, if Christians were saying that we should round up all the gay people and execute them, that my friends would be anti-gay.  Open and shut case.  Opposing changing a policy that has stood in this country for 236 years, and in the world has lasted for centuries does not come down to a simple gay vs. not gay debate.

The media uses colorful terms to describe the controversy.  Stuff like “Chick-fil-A Slams Gay Marriage.”  Slams gay marriage?  The man made a statement.  He didn’t slam anything, but simply stated what he believes.  The only thing Dan Cathy is guilty of is falsely believing that America is a country where freedom of speech and practice of religion are rights.  Dan Cathy thought he was in America for a second.  The nerve of this guy.  And then, the same media outlets present more “evidence” for this by pointing out Chick-fil-A’s charitable efforts over the past several years.  More than one news outlet reported that Chick-fil-A had donated millions to “anti-LGBT groups” over the last six years.  We looked a little further into that claim.  You want to know who Chick-fil-A donated money too?

The Marriage & Happy Family Foundation.  The Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  The National Christian Foundation.  The New Mexico Christian Foundation.  The Georgia Family Council.

The media’s interpretation is pretty clear here.  If you donate money to Christian organizations, you are anti-gay.  That includes the millions of you that go to churches every Sunday and tithe.  You are anti-gay.  You donate your money freely and willingly to gay hate groups.  Since we are already condemning these foundations as “known hate groups,” according to one news outlet, let’s just go on and get it over with.  Anything involving Jesus Christ, Christianity, or going to church period is anti-gay.  You give your money to this, you are anti-gay.  If you don’t think so, just read the “unbiased” journalism in the media, or better yet, ask a faithful Democrat.  They will be glad to tell you.

For the record, Common Sense Conspiracy is run by a panel of people, some of which probably have differing views on all of the things discussed here.  We are not trying to make a statement about gay marriage or homosexuality in general.  We are trying to point out that the story the media is telling everyone is slanted and attempting to make things appear to be worse than they are.  And that’s kind of what this website has always been about.  Filtering through the…well, you know the rest.

In closing, we want to let all of our readers know how they can make sure they are not branded as anti-gay.  First, take your Bible and throw it in the garbage.  Do not go to church.  Do not donate money or support anything with the word “Christian” in it.  And for God’s sake, don’t get caught eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich.

3 thoughts on “The Controversy Over Chick-fil-A — Are Christian Organizations Anti-Gay By Default?”

  1. This is just one of the avenues that satan (means rebel) the devil (means slanderer/liar) will use to have all of the governments (kingdoms) of the world turn against ALL religion. Most religion is false (referred to as ‘Babylon The Great’ in Scripture) but for those who serve The One True God, JEHOVAH (YHWH in Hebrew) they will not be any less persecuted by the ‘world’ (people) of ungodly ones (just as hitler persecuted Jehovah’s witnesses along with all the other groups). When God’s people are in danger of being wiped off of the earth, then, Jehovah will send His son, The Anointed One, Jesus, to fight against the governments (kingdoms) of this world. They will fight back in futility and be defeated. Then will come to pass what many refer to as ‘The Model Prayer’, namely; “Let Your Kingdom (Government) come, Your Will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven…” The earth is not going to be destroyed, just ‘the WORLD’ (PEOPLE alienated from God by their willful ignorance of Him) of wicked ones. Then God’s original purpose, for the earth to become a paradise (garden of pleasure) will come to pass. Anyone that chooses to make their own standard of right and wrong again will be put to death (destroyed) immediately because the precedent has been set for willfull wrongdoers (including those who murder, lie, steal, cheat, commit adultery, commit homosexual acts, have pre-marital sex, hate their neighbor, etc.). We all know these acts are wrong until we murder our conscience. Why do people get so upset when someone speaks about righteousness (right living in God’s Sight)? Because it bothers their conscience and instead of changing our sinful nature leads us to become angry at those that remind of us of our sin. Our Creator knows what is best for us. He is not controlling or manipulative. He has allowed all of this time since the first man sinned to go by to show whether we could rule ourselves independently from Him. Have we succeeded? People have tried every form of government and anarchy yet nothing has brought true peace and security, let alone eternal life. Jesus said he is coming quickly. He will not be seen by the naked eye. He is a spirit creature again now. We must be clothed with righteous acts and not be naked as Adam was after he willfully disobeyed God in the garden of Eden.

  2. If you’re going to complain about the “unbiased” journalism & media, you should be sure not to biased as well. I found the fact that took the time to list out so many organizations, but purposely neglected to include CFA’s own charitable arm WinShape, The Family Research Council (actually designated as a hate group), Focus on Family, & Exodus to be quite suspect and biased or just plain lazy & not properly researched. The latter 3 are the ones whose practices are considered the most anti-gay of all the organizations CFA donated to. There are plenty of ways to support traditional marriage while respecting that all our fellow citizens have the same legal rights, protections, & benefits (1138 of them to be specific) granted to us straight couples through marriage. It’s really a matter of basic human equality.

    Here’s a breakdown for just one year’s worth of donations:

  3. I think if you read the article the crux of the matter was that these so-called anti-gay organizations are only “anti-gay” because you say so… and they are anti-Christian… lol… I mean, if you give money to gay marriage or gay in general causes, I could just as easily say you gave money to an anti-Christian group if that’s how we’re gonna go with it know what i saying?

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