Texas College Hacks Drone In Front Of Homeland Security

The University of Texas at Austin found the military's drones not that hard to tap into with a little effort.

Professor Todd Humphreys works at the University of Texas at Austin Radionavigation Laboratory. On a dare from the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, the group of scientists there, for $1000 in parts, hacked a university-owned drone. This is typical smugness by the government. They dared them to do it! I guess they didn’t think that a group of nerds could do it. I don’t intend for the word nerds to be seen as a slight or as offensive. Some of my friends are nerds. They are very smart and could at any moment take over the world. Nerds are not to be messed with. Did DHS not get that memo?

I find it funny how the government thinks that hacking a drone couldn’t be done. Pride comes before the fall. I wish I could have seen the looks on their collective faces when that drone got hacked. Computers and technology are what these people do. A motivated group of nerds can do anything. Just give them some Hot Pockets, Red Bull and all the seasons of Babylon 5. I know this started off about something serious, but I wanted to take it to a funnier side.

It is always nice to see the government with a little egg on their face. It’s just the way they go about things. Didn’t a 17 year old kid hack the iPhone? That same 17-year-old kid hacked the Playstation 3 didn’t he? Hmm… nowhere does it say he works for the government or DHS. And that’s what i’m talking about. A motivated 17-year-old nerd took one weekend and hacked the iPhone. I guess you should never say something can’t be done.

Didn’t they say the Titanic was unsinkable? Oh well, nobody is perfect.