Target Selling Gay Marriage Greeting Cards — Conspiracy To Get LGBT’s Money??

Target has recently started selling gay marriage greeting cards. The Minnesota based retailer also sells t-shirts that commemorate Gay Pride month. As we were reading up on this topic, we had a moment of clarity. Is this all a conspiracy to get the LGBT community’s money? Yes, we realize that is a big jump but, let’s look closer.

Target supports the gay community...wallets.

The collective buying power of the American LGBT community will be around the $800 billion mark. Those figures come from Witeck communications, which has counseled Fortune 500 companies to target LGBT communities. That’s right, they are targeting the gay community to get your MONEY! For all the discriminating that the LGBT community is saying that they are receiving, they now have a company treating them like EVERYONE ELSE. They should feel good, right? This is what they wanted. They want to be treated equally and for once that is being done. We know that this is just a baby step.

The bigger question is, are other companies doing this? All the companies who now claim that they support gay rights, are they just taking that stance because they want to make sure that the gay community spends their money at their respective business? We wonder if the LGBT community has looked at the situation like this before? All these companies who come to the gay rights defense, may have ulterior motives. We are just trying to look at this on a broader picture.

So before the LGBT community starts to praise Target and other companies who support gay rights, maybe they need to see if that company has an agenda. Maybe they need to look and see if that company just wants their money. Why? Because everyone knows that money is what makes the world go round. That is true if the money is “straight” or “gay”. These companies are not going to discriminate when it comes to the almighty dollar.

In the end, we wonder how the LGBT community feels about finally being treated equally? In this instance, they can’t say that they are being discriminated against. They are being treated just like everyone else.

How does it feel?