Nipples and Swastikas? Just Another Night on the Madonna Concert Tour — Legal Action from French Authorities in the Works?

Madonna is no stranger to controversy, and when she isn’t getting in on the act herself, others around her seem to be inspired to cause some of their own.  Remember the Super Bowl incident?  Rapper MIA decided to give millions of viewers the middle finger in the midst of the performance at halftime.  How did Madonna respond?  She blasted MIA for the childish incident and promised nothing of the sort would ever happen again.  Now, she is the one under fire.  Her world tour stopped in Paris, France last Saturday evening and Madonna had a special surprise in store for the audience.

Is this supposed to mean something?

Meet Marine Le Pen.  She is the leader of a right-wing political party in France.  She is most famously known for her heavy-handed opinions about controlling Muslim immigrants coming into France.  France has a long history of strife with its Muslim residents.  The headgear incident might be the first to come to mind.  Madonna obviously thinks that Le Pen’s ideas are a little, well, Nazi-ish.  During her performance, she has a video that plays on a gigantic screen in the background of her and the dancers.  It shows pieces of famous people’s faces that use technology to morph into others.  Think Michael Jackson “Black or White” type stuff.  One of the images for the Paris concert was none other than Marine Le Pen.  Only she was sporting a bitchin’ Nazi swastika symbol on her forehead, obviously photoshopped in.  We’re guessing.  This was followed by the grand finale of Madonna herself appearing on the screen with a Hitler-ish mustache.

Now, the tour has been going on for a while, and the video was not special for the occasion.  Madonna has played it at several other venues.  Le Pen had already voiced her displeasure with it, but agreed to leave it alone for the most part if Madonna would make sure it was not played in France.  Madonna did just that on Saturday, and now Le Pen and company are pissed.  They are considering suing Madonna for defamation if she doesn’t discontinue the use of the video immediately.

If that wasn’t enough to stoke the fires, Madonna, who is in terrific shape for her age of 53, seems to have a new penchant for showing off her body in unusual ways.  She flashed her nipple to the French on Saturday night.  Although the French are a little more tolerant of such things than Americans are, it still caused some chaos and confusion.  She has made similar expositions throughout the tour, including dropping her pants and showing her g-string in Rome.

So, I guess the ball is in Madonna’s court for now.  She can continue to show the video and face lawsuits from a right-wing French political party.  Or she can simply take that one image out and carry on about her business.  Knowing the “Material Girl”, we would guess she will keep right on doing what she is doing.  No doubt she has a team of lawyers working overtime and billing thousands of dollars to her fortune as we speak.  In the meantime, it seems like Madonna is in the middle of some sort of mid-life crisis that involves showing her body parts to strangers every chance she gets.  Oh wait.  She’s been in that crisis for the better part of 50 years.  The only question is what will her fellow controversy queen Lady Gaga cook up to stay one ahead of the Queen Bee of Pop Music.  We can only cross our fingers and wait.