Muslim Clerics Calling For Destruction Of Egypt’s Pyramids — Is That Hypocrisy In The Air??

Muslim clerics are calling for the destruction of Egypt’s pyramids. That’s right, they want to bulldoze those babies down to the ground! The clerics view the pyramids as “symbols of paganism”, idolatrous leftovers from the time of jahiliyya, or the pre-Islamic period of ignorance. You see, any artifact in a Muslim country that is considered pre-Islam, is left to rot and decay. They are treated with contempt and allowed to fall into a state of disrepair. The Islamic faith places absolutely no value on any human achievement that is outside of their purview. Now, that is all well and good, but, there is a little problem known as the Black Stone. What is the Black Stone, you may be asking?

The Black Stone is the eastern cornerstone of the Kaaba, or the ancient stone building toward which Muslims pray. It is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and is regarded as the most sacred site in Islam. Every Muslim in the world, when they pray, face the Kaaba. The Black Stone is believed to be the only remaining remnant of the original structure that according to Islamic tradition, dates all the way back to Adam. The same Adam that appears in the Christian Bible also appears in the Quran. Now, the Kaaba is believed to have been built by Abraham and his son Ishmael, when they settled in Arabia. Let’s get to the real matter here.

One of the world's greatest wonders may be under fire by Muslim clerics.

The Black Stone has been revered BEFORE the preaching of Islam by the Prophet Muhammad. Islam STRICTLY PROHIBITS idolatry. Remember, they called the pyramids symbols of paganism and idolatrous leftovers. Well, the Black Stone and the Kaaba, existed before Islam. Doesn’t that make them pagan and idolatrous? Many Muslim and academic historians stress the power and importance of PRE-ISLAMIC MECCA. But, isn’t the problem with the pyramids that they are pre-Islamic? That is why the air is stinking of hypocrisy. It is hypocritical to destroy the pyramids and not the Kaaba, along with the Black Stone. Muslims will tell you that they don’t worship the Black Stone. But then, why does EVERY MUSLIM IN THE WORLD face the Kaaba while in prayer? Now, in fairness, there are fewer than 20 structures in Mecca that date back to the time of Muhammad. They destroy these relics because of the prohibition against idolatry.

They are giving the impression that because the pyramids are pre-Islamic, that they must be destroyed. Well, by that same logic, the Black Stone and the Kaaba are pre-Islamic. When do they plan on destroying those relics? As noted before, they will say that they don’t worship the Black Stone. Then why do they ALL try to touch the stone while on their pilgrimage to Mecca? They will also argue that the Jews pray at the Western Wall. Well, that is correct. But, are the Jews publicly and loudly calling for the demolition of the Dome of the Rock? Our question to Islam is, if you destroy the Egyptian pyramids, can we destroy the Dome of the Rock? How about the Kaaba along with the Black Stone?

Remember the ban on idolatry? The Kaaba was dedicated to a Nabatean deity AND it contained 360 idols. Now, it may not be that way today, but at one time it was. Why is the idolatry ok back then but not now? That is why we feel this whole situation stinks of hypocrisy. The problem with Islam is that they want it both ways. They want to destroy anything idolatrous all the while trying to forget THEIR idolatrous ways.

We at the CSC would like to know, is there anything that Islam does not consider to be pagan or idolatrous? Just remember, when you make a stupid rule, you should have to follow the rule at all times.

Do you plan on destroying the rest of your relics before you start on the pyramids of Egypt?

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  1. Asalama eikum wa ramtuallah wa baratakauh. Before u talk do your research love. Muslims do NOT worship the kabbah. It’s there marking the centre of the earth and therefore all muSlims pray in that direction – not TO it. All Muslims over the world pray facing the kabbah. As for the idols – this I because non Muslims put them there back in the days when there was more pagans than Muslims and that time pagans kind of controlled what happened there . Every time a prophet of Islam would advise against idolatry after the prophets were gone it started again. Non Muslims put stupid idols in the kabbah and prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) destroyed them for the last time. Shirkh- associating partners with Allah subanallah was always a sin to start with and still is. Hence why idols are banned in Islam. I should know I was a non Muslim. I had idols I prayed to. Then it made me think- this idol I pray to cannot protect itself let alone me! If I smash the idol on the floor it’s not gona form back together. Then I discovered Islam subanallah may life changed forever. In sha Allah u will see the truth like me. Allah is all knowing/ forgiving and fair in justice. Subanallah

  2. Salam i would like to add, some muslim clerics make problems for our religion of Islam. By way of making statements such as destroying the Pyramids in Egypt. My own personal opinion is, had Allah the Almighty who created the whole of this earth and all within it. There would be no need for any cleric anywhere to destroy any part of it. Allah would have destroyed it before any muslim came to be. The pyramids are here for a warning to us all of the times of ignorance, which by the way i believe before the end of time, all bar a few will go back to..

  3. Peace be to u Bro..I think u should Study more about Islam n not just Atack all of Islam n Muslims just because some Clerics made a foolish comment on destroying the the way the kabbah is a unity point in Islam..if we just put a pole right in the same place it will still be a unity point 4 muslim to come n worship the One GOD(Allah)..May Allah give U Wisdom my Brother

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