Mel Gibson’s Stepmother Files For A Restraining Order

Every man dies, not every man is f**king nuts.

Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson has filed for a restraining order from her stepson Mel Gibson. She has cited incidents where Gibson has had several outbursts toward her. They seem to have to do with Mel’s father Hutton Gibson. Hutton has undergone “experimental ozone treatments” for a undisclosed illness. Mel did not want her messing those treatments up. She has also stated that Mel sabotaged her 11-year marriage to his father Hutton. Hutton has filed for divorce, but Hicks claims that Mel and his sister are the reason for all these problems. The bigger question here is about this anger issue Mel Gibson has. Is anyone safe?

Mel is famous for getting liqoured up and launching into now famous Anti-Semitic rants. I mean come on, his rants are now the stuff of legend. I guess now senior citizens are on his radar. Hicks has stated that she fears Mel will do her bodily harm. What is Mel Gibson’s problem? Does everyone just send him into a fiery rage? He really needs help before something bad happens. I’m not saying that he would intentionally do something, but these “outbursts” start off little and increase through the roof. He could wind up hurting someone and not even know it because he is so mad.

I wonder if anyone has even tried to talk to this guy. Has anyone asked him why he is so mad? Maybe he needs to talk to a professional before its too late. Why are you so mad Mel?

What is it about women, Jews and senior citizens that sends you into such a rage? Come on Mel, what gives?