McDonald’s Head Chef Reveals Ingredients for Big Mac Secret Sauce

Fast food conglomerate McDonald’s head chef Dan Coudreaut demonstrates how to make the legendary Big Mac sauce, part of the McDonald’s mainstay that is estimated to have been sold at least 47 million times. But why now? Dan Coudreaut shows us how to make a Big Mac in the comfort of his own kitchen at home with ordinary household ingredients. Is this McDonald’s attempt to save face or make people think their food is more authentic and less soy and laboratory chemicals?

A lot of people have begun to think of McDonald’s “head chef” as being some scientists in a lab with white coats on trying to figure out what kind of chemicals to put together to make the ingredients last longer, cost less, and be tastier with no regard for its effects on human health. People thought that because it was true. Dan Coudreaut is McDonald’s attempt to put a friendly face on their products and make people think of charismatic Dan whipping up a home-cooked meal in his kitchen instead of the reality that is fast food. And revealing the secret sauce? In a time when McDonald’s is becoming more synonymous with “pink slime” than anything else, this is a good public relations move to try to cast McDonald’s in a better light. Are you buying it?

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    1. Yeah, they don’t look quite like that when you order them at the drive-thru, do they? But what you get will still look the same in ten years on your mantle!

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