“Matrix” Director Larry Wachowski Has Sex Change

A slight difference?

Larry Wachowski, director of the hit movie ” The Matrix”, has undergone a sex change. You heard that right, he is now a she. Larry has now changed his name to Lana. Going by the name Lana Wachowski, Lana has underwent hormone therapy for around 10 years. Lana has just now decided to come forward with this announcement, confirming what has been going on for a decade.

This is somewhat of a surprise because Larry left his wife for another woman when “The Matrix” was released. Was Larry getting advice on how to be a woman? How does a person go from being a man leaving his wife for another woman to deciding to be a woman? This might turn out to be the new Hollywood trend. Who will get a sex change next?

Larry, or Lana’s life has had some controversy. There are unverified reports of gender reassignment surgery. Way back in 2003, Wachowski took a date to the Cannes film festival who later reported that he was a cross dresser. So, this should come as no surprise to anyone who knows Lana.

We would like to know, what happened in Larry Wachowski’s life that made him decide to be a her? What could have been so wrong with his life that the only way to fix it was to become a woman?

Lets just hope that Lana can still make great movies. The Matrix was awesome!

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  1. You…didn’t just ask “what could have been so wrong…” with Larry Wachowski’s life, etc. did you?

    Because you do realize – I hope – that there doesn’t have to be anything at all wrong with someone’s life for them to feel they were born the wrong gender.
    We don’t yet know why there are many folks who have this condition where they are physically one gender and in their self-perception are absolutely the other gender. Who wants to live a life feeling like one is in the wrong body? Who would undergo something so radical as gender reassignment unless it was that fundamentally important?!? Please, if you are going to have a site, don’t say things that contribute to misconceptions. Educate yourself before you hit “post”.

    1. I feel like you are misinterpreting that comment. People who end up undergoing gender reassignment surgery would probably all agree that prior to their transition there was something very “wrong” or “off” with the lives that they were leading. Namely that would be that they were born into the wrong body. Now I have not been over the rest of this site, I just happened upon this page after a Lana Wachowski search, but based upon the comment above I would not assume that the person writing it was intolerant. I suppose it COULD be the case. But being curious about what Lana’s life situation or emotional state was, and what led her to undergo that transition does not mean you are being judgmental. If there was not anything wrong in the first place she never would have made the transition.

      Case in point, this video, Lana talks about what was wrong before

      I don’t mean to be argumentative! Good day all!

    2. Stop the arrogant lecturing of people on their opinions. They have their opinions and you have yours.

    1. The film is a weak interpretation of the book. Please read the book for the ‘full hit’. You won’t regret it.

  2. When a genius like Lana Wachowski upgrades to the better team, you don’t ask what went wrong…you’re just glad she still let’s you in.

  3. If you have investigates about transgender psychology before writing this articule you would know that nothing traumatic has to happen to a trans person for “deciding” to change genders. You are born with this condition and you have two options: either living in a closet or choosing sex reassignment and you have to be very brave to choose the sencond one, so show some respect for Mrs. Wachowski.

  4. There are so many things wrong with this little blurb that I don’t even know where to start but luckily some other readers have already taken on the issue of “deciding” to transition and the assumption that something horrible must have psychologically damaged you in order to be a trans person. But I also want to say a few words on your comment: “How does a person go from being a man leaving his wife for another woman to deciding to be a woman?” First of all, it’s really inappropriate to refer to someone by former gender pronouns. Lana is a she. Second of all, she is actually still married to her wife. It is quite common for married couple who were once male/female couples to continue to be married after one of them transitions so that they are the same gender. It’s called loving a person, not a gender. A male-to female transgendered person is not necessarily attracted to men. Gay does not equal trans and vice versa because gender has NO bearing on sexuality. Also Lana did not need to get advice on how to be a woman. She is a woman. There is no “way to be a woman. I think you really need to consider taking some kind of course on gender and sexuality before write another ridiculously uninformed, not to mention offensive piece.

  5. You people are f**king imbeciles. You’re “brains” have been so washed that you all believe in this gender bending nonsense that’s being pushed on us by the media. Therefore, I’m assuming you are all Yanks. People that think they were born the wrong sex either have psychological problems or have not developed normally. Thats the answer to the person that posted “We don’t yet know why there are many folks who have this condition where they are physically one gender and in their self-perception are absolutely the other gender.” If they were meant to be a female they would have been. This does not, of course, apply to hermaphrodites who may have both male and female parts and horomones. And as for those who will no doubt say I’m ignorant, uneducated or intolerant – look at the studies people! Just google and you will find that “gender reassignment” does not solve these peoples’ problems. The vast majority of them(post op.) suffer from depression, self-esteem issues and a plethora of other issues. Many, unfortuately, end up taking their own lives. If these poor souls were treated compassionately and received the proper counselling they would surely have a better chance of living healthy, happy lives. And as for this nonsense about them actually “being” the other sex they were surgically altered to; would you date one? Have sex with one? If they become a woman can they have babies? And can the ones that became men impregnate? Open your eyes you f**king morons!!!

    1. so obviously you’re a straight man right?and american? you’re an idiot. go read a book and open YOUR eyes- negative ignorant fool!

  6. People on here are acting like a sex change is as normal as a nose job. I think that the Wachowski’s are very talented writers, and I love their films, my comment has nothing to do with their work. But our society has gotten to the point where it doesn’t want to find out the cause or root of a person’s problems, just ignore them, pretend like everything is ok, and let a person do whatever they want to make themselves feel better, even if their actions are way out in left field. Like James said, a lot of people that undergo this surgery have serious depression and try to kill themselves, or actually do kill themselves. I’ve heard this information out of the mouth of an actual transgender person, so I believe that there may be some basis to this. So if there is, why are we not trying to do some REAL scientific research on this? Or has the LGBT community completely taken over everything? People need to do THEIR research. Look up the LGBT leaders and the APA. I think people should be accepted no matter what, but I think this attitude that we have to lie and act like this is OK is ignoring that there are people in this world who need help. It’s like we’re being “nice” instead of facing the cold hard truth about things, and what will be the result 20 years from now? This really will be as normal as a nose job then.

  7. Of course they’re going to have problems, how would you feel if you woke up tomorrow in completely the wrong body, had to wear the wrong clothes, and had to present yourself as one gender in full conviction that you were the other gender? It must be awful, and the trauma of that experience of feeling completely wrong and at odds with everything and everyone is certainly not going to disappear after surgery.
    Slim -” let a person do whatever they want to make themselves feel better…” and you say that like it’s a bad thing ?! It doesn’t affect your personal experience of life if someone is brave enough to undergo all of the emotional and physical the pain of a transition. Transphobia isn’t an ‘opinion’, it will at some point go down in the annals of humanity as an archaic relic of our indecency, along with homophobia and racism and all of the other ‘opinions’ kept through time by ‘society’. If someone has a cancerous tumor would you refuse them surgery because ‘people are having them whipped off like nose jobs’? Or how about kids born with cleft lips ? Leave them the way they are because that’s what nature intended?
    Open your mind. It’s highly ironic that someone should even have to say that on a post about the director of The Matrix. Is it really so difficult to see the line between Lana’s personal experience and the film?

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