London Olympics Opening Ceremonies Go On Without Incident — But Not Without Some Illuminati Imagery

Be you a conspiracy theorist or just a peaceful citizen worried about terrorism, the opening ceremonies to the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games went off without a hitch on Friday night.  The ceremony didn’t go after the grandeur of the Beijing ceremonies back in 2008, but played more on the majestic and quirky environment that London has always been and will always be.  The mastermind behind the ceremonies, Danny Boyle, went heavy on music and film, but by all accounts, the opening ceremonies lived up to expectations, except for those that thought some mischief might be at play.

For the record, this is day one.  Yes, the opening ceremonies is a huge, internationally-anticipated event, and if terrorists were setting their sights on an Olympic plot, this would be the ideal time to do it.  However, security is at its highest point right now.  Everyone is their most vigilant at the beginning, and as the Olympics stretch on for two weeks or so, this successful operation doesn’t mean that they are in the clear just yet.  After all, the two terrorist attacks that struck the Olympics in history did not occur during anything so significant as the opening ceremonies.  We are not saying that an atrocity will happen, but just that this is just Day One of many, and while it is a wonderful thing that opening ceremonies were completed without incident, the security in place for the London Games must maintain this same level of readiness throughout the duration and at all events that become more and more stretched out over London and surrounding communities.

The only real newsmaker in the opening ceremonies was, fortunately, a rather unenthusiastic Queen Elizabeth reaction when the Great Britain’s own Olympic team showed up on the scene.  This is getting a lot of play, but what was she supposed to do?  Jump up and down and do cartwheels?

For you conspiracy buffs, though, there is one interesting scene that came out of the ceremonies.  One grand display is seen here, and is that Illuminati-style pyramids we see rising above into the clouds.  Interesting, isn’t it?  There are many arguments going around that the Olympics symbols selected are either Masonic or Illuminati also.  We have gone over that in previous articles extensively, but these pyramids definitely make you wonder.  These Illuminati symbols sure find their way into a lot of events with millions watching, don’t they?  What do you think?  Illuminati influence?  A warning of things to come?  Or just really cool effects?

You be the judge.

An all too familiar scene in events of this magnitude, don't you think?

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  1. I love how they cut out 3 main parts of the ceremony for us Americans, sun and blood worship and the invocation of the dead part.
    I watched the live UK version around 4 today and saw everything and just now watched the american video delay version at 7:30….they cut out all the weird parts

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