Kim Kardashian and Kanye West — An Illuminati Super-Wedding in the Works

We don’t have to detail all of the times that Kanye West has been accused of being an Illuminati henchmen.  Imagery in his videos and verbiage in his song lyrics have made him a shoe-in for Illuminati conspiracies.  But now, his unexpected union with Kim Kardashian has brought her under scrutiny as well.  Is this the Illuminati’s brand of an arranged marriage?

Illuminati dream or two stars making another mistake?

Kim Kardashian fits all of the requirements for an Illuminati princess.  Her very existence is stained with sex scandals, videos, and an ever-present ability to influence a world of people that she should never have had the power to do so with.  And yet, she does.  She has a global outreach, as does her new boy-toy Kanye.  Are we witnessing the forming of an Illuminati super-wedding?

Kanye certainly seems to be smitten with Kim, whom he has only dated for a short time since she divorced her husband Kris Humphries, an NBA star of the New Jersey Nets.  Now, Kanye is talking marriage and kids, and they have already joined their cell phone accounts.  Moving fast, even for Hollywood standards.  But don’t think that Kanye and Kim are a new item.  You might be surprised to find out that Kim and Kanye have found their careers intertwined for several years before their subsequent relationship.  Back in 2010, Kim helped create a music video for a song called “Jam (Turn It Up).”  The video was directed by Hype Williams, but guess who made a cameo appearance in the video?  None other than Kanye West.  This is just onc instance of Kim and Kanye’s past being intertwined.

Common Sense Conspiracy continues to monitor this situation which wreaks of Illuminati influence.  We will dig deeper into how Kim and Kanye go back much further than you might think in future articles.  In the meantime, is this the next Illuminati super-union?  Weigh in with your opinions.  Start the discussion and don’t be shy.

10 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian and Kanye West — An Illuminati Super-Wedding in the Works”

    1. Thanks for stopping by and don’t shake that damn head too much. You might get a crick in your neck. 🙂

    2. You are obviously a complete idiot who lives in the materialistic world and has no concept of who you are as a human being. Of course they are laminate you fool! Learn who you are and why you are really on this earth!

  1. ive had premonitions of this union for some time now. there is something almost ritualistic and even sinister about them going public,as if it was timed precisely for a purpose.

  2. Kanye and Kim are two of Satan’s most famous spawn. She’s a vapid, empty headed, bimbo and he’s a hideous controlling freak of nature. It makes total sense that they’re together…or pretend to be together. Look up people we are living in the season of Christ’ return. Kim and Kornye can enjoy their fake lives now but it will not last.

    1. Who cares if it last or not they have sold their souls to Devil for Fame and Money. They will have to live many many lives to get out of this mess. I feel sorry for them as they most probably have no idea of what they have really done. Poor North to have parents like that her life is a mess from beginning to end.

  3. Kayne’s wedding was held in Florence as sight for Holy Grail! Of course its laminate Kayne was never like this. He was like old school rapper – Blood Diamonds etc. Now he is a living joke married to Kardashians! This is the price he has paid with Jay Z to be World Famous. Its a shame before he came under Luminate he was a very very good rapper. Now he’s making silly videos with trashy Kim. He will also never be able to leave you can only die or go mentally insane. The price people really pay for money and fame

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