Is There No More Common Sense Left In The World?? Teen Dies After Playing Diablo III For 40 Hours

Diablo III is addictive as hell, but 40 hours non-stop? I don't think so.

An 18-year-old teenager identified only as Chuang, was found dead at the Tainan cafe in southern Taiwan. He got a room and started a 40-hour marathon session playing the popular computer game Diablo III. He did not stop, he did not eat for those 40 hours. When he was found, he was woken up, he got up, took a few steps and then collapsed. It is believed that since he was sitting that entire time that he suffered a blood clot. We would like to ask, is there no more common sense left in the world?

This is one of those things that is common sense. He knew he should have stopped and eaten or went to the bathroom. Common sense alone should have told him that there is a point when one says that they should turn the game off. What is wrong with teenagers today? They think that they are invincible, that nothing can hurt them. Now, we have all thought that at some point in our life. Any person who has played video games has gotten “caught up” playing the game. But, yet again, common sense tells you to stop playing or at the very least, take a break here and there.

This is a death that should not have happened. The makers of the game, Blizzard, are not to blame for this. The person to blame, unfortunately, is the person who died, Chuang. He should have had better sense about this. With that being said, we have all stayed up all night at some point and played a video game. But, we never thought that we could play for 40 hours non stop. That is where the common sense comes in.

This is a tragedy, no question about it. The tragedy that everyone will forget is the fact that this boy had no common sense. Where has all the commons sense gone? We are starting to wonder if there is no more common sense left in the world.