Idaho Billboard Compares President Obama to Alleged Colorado Shooter

Well, in Caldwell, Idaho, there is a billboard near a farm that has a rather disturbing political message for people passing through in their vehicles.  The billboard, which is apparently paid for by the owner of the farm and a self-proclaimed Libertarian, compares current American President Barack Obama to the alleged shooter in the horrific Aurora, Colorado theater massacre.


The billboard simply shows what Holmes is accused of and then shows President Obama with a blurb about his foreign policy causing thousands of deaths.  Holmes goes to jail, but Obama gets a Nobel Peace Prize.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  That’s what makes our country great.  But doesn’t this sound like a case of apples and oranges.  It may be true to some degree that any president’s foreign policies can cause a lot more than 12 deaths, but is this in any way the same thing as someone bursting into a movie theater and mowing down innocent people for seemingly no reason at all?  Now, Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize is one of the most ridiculous moments in that award’s history for sure, but still, it happened in 2009, as Obama was just getting started.  As a matter of fact, that was part of the ridiculous nature of it — he was getting a Nobel Peace Prize when he had not even had time to do anything if he wanted to.  To use it against him now makes no sense and is an invalid argument.

We can all have a spirited debate about President Obama’s foreign policies and politics or how well we feel he has performed in his first term.  But comparing him to maniacal killers.  Perhaps we’ve gone a little overboard this time.

One thought on “Idaho Billboard Compares President Obama to Alleged Colorado Shooter”

  1. Murder is murder. Obama is a murderer and your defense of him is sickening at best. God’s Word tells us that ‘he that is given more will have more required of him’. Obama has been given the opportunity to be an authority and he has murdered many, many, many ‘innocent’ people AND he is so cowardly (much like his fellow politicians, c.i.a., f.b.i., etc.) he has others carry out his wicked deeds for him! How do you figure that sending troops into another country (imagine when another country does that to this country!) and having “collateral damage” by murdering ‘non-combatants’ any less murderous? You are as crazy as the man that went into that movie theatre (and deluded). What you are doing is called ‘rationalization’. Think about it when your family is being killed by a drone flown by the c.i.a. to “protect” the citizens of this country from whatever.

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