Eddie Murphy Alive and Well After Third Twitter Death Hoax

Don't worry. Eddie is alive and well.

For the third time in just a few months, Eddie Murphy’s demise has been greatly exaggerated on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  The latest hoax going around indicates that Eddie Murphy died in a snowboarding accident.  As these hoaxes always do, the word spread quickly and thousands are looking for clarification on the matter.  Well, here it is.  Eddie Murphy is alive and well, and this is nothing but another death hoax, the same ones that have sprung up about everyone from Jon Bon Jovi to Reba McEntire to Charlie Sheen…almost no realm of celebrity hasn’t seen a death hoax here lately.

Eddie seems to get picked on a lot though.  Three death hoaxes.  Now that might be a record.  Don’t believe everything you hear (or read) people.