Dangerous New Teen Fad — The Salt And Ice Challenge


A dangerous new teen fad is sweeping the internet and it is called the salt and ice challenge. This video shows a 12 year old Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania boy who burned a Christian cross into his back. He was taken to the doctor and told he received second degree burns and will have significant scarring. The salt and ice causes a endothermic reaction that is similar to frostbite. What is wrong with kids today? Why are teenagers doing this? If you are a teenager who is thinking about doing this challenge or are being pressured into doing it, PLEASE PLEASE say no. Do not do this and risk scarring your body,possibly for life. Parents, you need to find out if your child is doing this and get involved.

One thought on “Dangerous New Teen Fad — The Salt And Ice Challenge”

  1. I am a teen myself and personally I do not do these things, but I think teens just wanna discover something that will be memorable like planking. Even if it means something that’s not safe.

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