Could Penn State Face The Death Penalty?? More People Affected Than What You Think

One man's actions can bring down an empire. But at what cost?

Rumors are abound as to just what will be the punishment for Penn State University. The popular rumor is that the legendary program could face the death penalty. The death penalty has only been used once, when the SMU football program was killed in the 1980’s. They are facing this punishment due to the actions of Jerry Sandusky and all who supported his TERRIBLE actions. No one is happy about what happened, and no one condones what Sandusky did. But, there are more people that will be affected by this decision if Penn State does indeed face the death penalty. They could face a kind of death penalty any way it goes.

Under Title IX, the Clery Act punishes colleges that don’t report crimes on or near campus or crimes involving students. Typically, the punishment is fines. Title IX is best known for being a civil right’s law that provides equity for men and women in any educational program that receives federal money. You see, the Clery Act, under Title IX, could suspend federal aid to the school. In effect, it is a kind of death penalty. If the federal aid is cut, then students transfer, people will lose their jobs and the character of the institution changes. Penn State got $953 million in annual aid and half of that was for federal loans. The football program only brings in around $50 million annually. This is what we mean by more people being affected. Why will others be punished for the crimes of Jerry Sandusky and his cohorts?

Scandals are nothing new to the NCAA. The problem is, the people generally responsible for the crimes DON’T get punished. What do we mean? How about Reggie Bush and the scandal that saw him give back his Heisman trophy? Reggie ran off to the NFL, and the following classes at USC were left to feel the consequences of what Reggie Bush did. Do you remember the SAT scandal that involved everyone’s favorite point guard Derrick Rose? That scandal rocked Memphis back in 2008. Derrick jumped to the NBA and Memphis is faced with forfeiting their 38 wins that season. Did we mention that Memphis played for the national championship that year? Had they won, they would have had to vacate that as well. Why is this being brought up?

Well, the NCAA has a history of punishing someone else for another’s crime. What about the football players who did everything the right way and had NOTHING to do with this horrible crime? Those players will have to deal with the fallout of what Jerry Sandusky did. That is not fair. There has to be a better way to punish the university for their offenses. How about the students who attend Penn State, who may have to transfer if the federal aid is cut? It’s not fair to them either. It is not fair that they might have to transfer to another school for something that they had nothing to do with.

Whether to take down Joe Paterno's statue may be the least of Penn State's worries...

We are not saying that Sandusky should not be punished. He should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. What we are saying is, don’t punish the innocent in this as well? Don’t punish the innocent football players as well as the innocent students at Penn State. They worked hard to get to where they are at. It would be a crime for all that work to be undone by someone else. It’s not right for all of it to be taken away.

All we ask is that you remember, the actions of Jerry Sandusky are going to affect more than just his victims. It’s going to affect the entire student population as well as the entire football program. The NCAA has no problem punishing the innocent. We just want to make sure that the innocent are not forgotten in all of this mess.

How can the actions of a few people affect so many people?  Hmm…sounds like a familiar theme doesn’t it?  Have you heard of the New World Order?
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