Conspiracy Theories Working Overtime as London Summer Olympics Approach — False Flag Operation in the Works?

Why do we have to live in a world of fear even at simple athletic events?

The Olympic Games is a big deal.  There is no event quite like it, and even though Americans tend to gravitate more toward our national sports, like baseball, football, and basketball, the Olympic Games resonate in the international consciousness a lot more than you might think.  It is a monumental occasion when nations all over the world pit their treasured athletes against the best of the best for worldwide recognition.  This year, the Summer Olympics heads to London, and this particular hosting site has conspiracy sites churning with theories that range from quite likely to completely outlandish.

If you investigate on the Internet, you will find a myriad of theories about terrible events surrounding the Olympic Games.  Some believe that a false flag operation like never before is being planned to start more wars.  The more ambitious theories predict thousands will be killed during the Games.  Others believe the Illuminati is planning a massive attack to help bring about the New World Order.  And, yes, there are those that think that the “false flag” will be the faking of alien contact with the Earth revolving around London.  The fact that the area around the Olympics has become a near police state in recent weeks is only fueling the fire.  But what is the actual likelihood of such an event?

Common Sense Conspiracy prides ourselves on looking at these things from all angles.  Let’s start with a terrorist attack.  We’re not talking about a false flag.  An authentic terrorist attack.  The real thing.  Already, a suspected Al Qaeda operative has been arrested around the Olympic site after visiting it multiple times.  Would it be an ideal spot for terrorists to strike?  Absolutely.  To take an event with this kind of massive security and somehow infiltrate it would be the ultimate message that nothing is safe from terrorists with a cause.  However, this fact also fuels the false flag operation concept.  False flags are like reverse terrorism.  They are designed to create fear, just like authentic ones are.  They are also designed to blame a nation or organization to bolster support for further military operations in response.

Now, having said that, let’s look at the problems.  The Olympics are attended by people from all over the world, from fans to athletes, and not all of those involved are considered to be enemies of your classic terror organizations.  An organization like Al Qaeda might be hesitant to strike a place like this because of the fact that many of its own peoples might be involved.  Then again, Al Qaeda also believes in suicide bombings, and they might consider the collateral damage of their own brethren a necessary evil to accomplish their mission.  Kind of like there were Muslims that died in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks as well.  Of course, it turns into a gray area fast when you talk about such things.  If you believe that September 11 was a false flag, then none of that factors in.

One of the theories about the Illuminati and New World Order revolves around the new Olympic symbol which they say spells out Zion.

The problem with the Illuminati theories are that there is not a whole lot of overwhelming evidence that the Illuminati exist to begin with.  At least in the present.  If they do, the only thing that ever really gets offered up as proof of their existence is celebrity deaths, a la Whitney Houston…Michael Jackson… the list goes on and on, and you know the story by now.  Now, Common Sense Conspiracy frequently investigates these reports and we don’t hesitate to entertain the notion.  But does it really make sense that an organization synonymous with “enlightenment” would be taking up with pop stars like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.  Well, maybe.  But is this the same kind of organization poised to institute a New World Order and try to take over the world.  Well, if they are, they sure have started out with small potatoes.

As for the alien theories that are surfacing all over the net, what can you say, really?  I mean, if it were possible to fake something like an alien invasion or contact in a way that the populace truly fell for it en masse, then, yes it could have far-reaching effects on the world as whole.  If there is anything that could bring all the differences among religions and cultures together under one banner, it would be a threat from the cosmos.  But selling something like that might be easy for a minute or two, but it would be difficult to sustain.  Is there enough technology to temporarily fool people into believing that UFO’s were descending on the Olympic Games?  Possibly.  But how would that play out in the weeks and months that followed?  How long could it be reliably faked, and at what point would the inevitable holes start to be poked in the story?  The reality is that something like that would be the ultimate way for a New World Order to be forged much quicker, but to sell it all the way would require a conspiracy plot that we can’t even fathom at this point.  Bottom line — the world isn’t ready for that.  Not even fake.  It would not sustain unless it were proven to be authentic, and we are assuming for now that the Illuminati or Bilderberg or whomever you wish to accuse of these atrocities would not have the power to get extraterrestrials to come down by their own will.  Unless, of course, they were aliens themselves, but that’s banter for another conspiracy thread on another site where the ridiculous is commonplace.

We at Common Sense Conspiracy encourage our loyal readers to take these conspiracy theories with a grain of salt.  The world will see what happens, but at the end of the day, the most likely outcome is nothing.  Or a failed plot by poorly organized individuals.  Second to that would be the false flag.  One could argue that it is time for one if you believe in such things.  We do believe in false flags, and we have investigated some of America’s most famous incidents.  There are a lot of things about Pearl Harbor and September 11 specifically that need to be answered.  But are we ready to declare a False Flag Warning?

Yes.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy, despite all the logic and reasoning we just revealed to you, are part of the segment of the population that believes a false flag could be in the works.  Whatever you believe is behind all of this has been dormant too long.  It’s time for something to happen.  We pray to God that it doesn’t and that all the peoples, regardless of nationality, go unharmed as the Summer Olympics commence in London.  This is not one of those times where you want to be right.  Hopefully, we’re completely wrong on this.  But for all of the crazy theories circulating, there seems a shred of truth, a murmuring in the shadows, a feeling in the air and we wouldn’t be doing our job here if we didn’t report it to you.

Be safe and let’s all hope and pray that the Olympics go off without a hitch.  In the meantime, we will be vigilant.

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  1. can u pls help me find a link to usa making NZ john key (prime minister) do things he doesnt want so they are using scare tactics or am i totally way off track

  2. just a few things goin on with NZ at the moment and usa making me think this is the case, also at olympics at NZ house there was the fire, maybe a warning as such etc

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