Christian Bale Visits Aurora, Colorado Shooting Victims

Bale poses for a photo with Carey Rottman, a victim of the shootings.

We at Common Sense Conspiracy focus on conspiracies, obviously, and we have rehashed the events of the terrible mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado endlessly for the last couple of days.  But this particular story is one of those that we feel the need to report on not because we want to poke holes in it or try to find an ulterior motive.  This is one of those stories that just genuinely deserves to be recognized.  So, no conspiracy here.  We just want to recognize and spread the word about a truly selfless action in a world where we just don’t see that enough.

Christian Bale, the actor that portrays Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, made a surprise visit to Aurora, Colorado today to visit with not only families and victims of the shootings, but first responders and medical staff.  Now, we know there are plenty of our readers that might cry foul, saying this is nothing but a publicity stunt.  Well, explain why Bale personally requested that the media not be notified of his visit before it happened.  He and his wife Sibi Blazic spent over two hours of their time, not including travel, to visit with victims and the medical staff that treated them.  He then placed flowers on a memorial for the victims and posed for several pictures with people in Aurora.  Warner Bros. confirmed that Bale’s actions were of his own accord and he even paid for the trip with his own money.

Bale and his wife added to the memorial.

Bale is merely a man like the rest of us, but he apparently realized that he is a man that could bring a considerable amount of joy to some people on some real hard times right now.  It was just a couple of hours for him, but for the people he visited, they will remember it for the rest of their lives.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy applaud this act.  This is one of those rare cases in this world.  It’s not about doing the right or wrong thing.  Bale had no obligation to do this, and there would be no ill will toward him had he not done what he did.  This is just a genuine act of human kindness, and we felt like it should be recognized.

Our hat’s off to you, Mr. Bale.  Thanks for showing a loving heart on a week when our nation sure needs to see one.

4 thoughts on “Christian Bale Visits Aurora, Colorado Shooting Victims”

  1. This does surprise me and makes me feel better about Christian Bale.
    I have always admired his acting, he’s one of the best in my opinion, but I’ve also always had the impression that his ego made him difficult.
    A wonderful trip, bringing his own family with him so it really was personal, I hope it helped the community even if just a bit.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

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