Bob Costas To Honor Munich Victims After IOC Denies Israel Request For Moment Of Silence

Bob Costas plans to go rogue during the Olympics telecast.

Bob Costas plans to honor the victims of the 1972 Munich Olympic games massacre that saw the murder of Israeli athletes. Israel made a request to the IOC for a moment of silence at the 2012 games in London. The IOC denied the request stating that they have honored the victims of that horrible massacre on several occasions. Costas plans to call out the IOC during the opening ceremonies, while the Israeli team enters the Olympic stadium.

This is a bold move. Has anybody called out the IOC during the Olympics before? This very well could be a first. It also could serve as egg on the face of the IOC. One thing is for sure, this will be a “must see TV” moment. But, we would like to pose one of our famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) questions to the IOC. Had it been the Palestinian people who got murdered, and made the request for a moment of silence, would you have granted it then? We having a funny feeling that since it was Israel that made the request, that was reason enough to deny it.

Everybody knows that Israel is not very well received in the world. Here is one small nugget to remember:

Everyone is quick to come to the defense of the Palestinians. Wasn’t it a Palestinian group that murdered the Israeli athletes in 1972? ¬†We believe that everyone has forgotten that. Israel is not well received in the world for their treatment of the Palestinian people. In hindsight, it was a bunch of Palestinian’s who killed an entire Israeli Olympic team one summer in 1972.

And everyone wonders why Israel acts the way it does.


2 thoughts on “Bob Costas To Honor Munich Victims After IOC Denies Israel Request For Moment Of Silence”

  1. Yeah, and didn’t Israel have Palestinian prisoners, which is why their Olympic team was taken hostage, with the ultimate goal to be negotiating for the prisoners release?

    And people wonder why Israel isn’t well received.

    1. are you serious? did you really say this? Palestinian prisoners. hmm. you suggest that it was reasonable to take hostages. what are you talking about? can this be justifiable for ANY REASON? have you actually seen anyone die? who are you? these not only were innocent victims of violent killers, but they were part of people participating in the one place where the world tried to be peaceful for a minute.

      it doesnt matter whether people would be silent for Palestinians or Israel. point is taken, this event happened forty years ago. unless this is the first time the Israelis have returned to the Olympics it is not really relevant. so lets move on from that. want to remind people of the hard road for jews at the expense of these games. no, i dont think so.
      jake Your response to the murder of these athletes, these people is disturbing.
      it does not matter why they feel they have a right to do whatever they want to whomever they want… it matters what they do to whomever the want. a kind of mass sociopathic
      behavior… and yes, it takes place on both sides, but we are not discussing the war.
      AT this event, these men kidnapped, held for ransom, and then killed many people.
      It is common now, the violence esp. in the USA. but it was not in 1972.
      if it was Iranians kidnapping the entire american swimming team, i dont think any of this dialogue would happen. there would be a moment of silence on tv, and products would
      raise money in some tax deduction promotion, and someone idiot somewhere would say
      yes but the Americans had Muslims in prison… as if ‘yeah but’ offers some defense
      of what is indefensible.

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