AIDS Vaccine Available by End of Decade?

A vaccine by 2019? Scientists are hopeful.

Margaret Heckler was the United States Health and Human Services Secretary back in 1984, a time when the AIDS pandemic was a hot-button issue and people were dying of the disease in mass numbers because the drugs that control the disease for years today were yet to be brought into existence.  At a press conference, she predicted that the AIDS scourge would be over in just a couple of years.  A working vaccine would be readily available within two years, meaning 1986.  Obviously, Heckler was wrong, and her bogus prediction became infamous in the disease’s somber history.  Strings of attempts at a successful vaccine failed one after another, and as early as 2007, one attempt actually made patients more likely to get the disease instead of preventing it.  This has led many to fear that a working vaccine would never be developed.

Now, more research is being revealed and scientists are hopeful that they may have a vaccine by the end of this decade.  Apparently, studies in 2009 showed that there was a means to prevent the HIV infection in humans.  HIV is of course the virus that leads to AIDS.  Now, scientists have developed antibodies that fight HIV, and they are very excited that this might be the discovery that puts them over the top on putting an end to AIDS for good.

We all hope that this is good news and that the scientists are right, but Ms. Heckler’s prediction back in 1984 still resonates today.  I guess we’ll have to see it to believe it.  And then, there are more questions that will be raised if this does work out like they hope.  An AIDS vaccine would no doubt be administered to everyone, even adults.  Conspiracy circles would all call out the AIDS vaccine as the opportunity for the New World Order to put something in all of our bodies with little or no resistance.  It could be a golden opportunity to have a little something extra piggyback on with the vaccine to be implanted into unknowing, willing participants.  Just food for thought.