World’s Richest Man Has Solution To Global Economic Crisis — Raise The Retirement Age To 70

The world is a big 'ole playground for Carlos Slim.

The world’s richest man, Carlos Slim, has a plan to solve the global economic crisis. He suggests raising the retirement age to 70 for everyone. Carlos Slim owns Latin America’s largest cell phone company and several real estate and retail ventures. He is 72 years old and has held the title of world’s richest person for several years now. His estimated worth is $66.5 billion. This is his plan because the retirement age varies from country to country. The retirement age in the United States is 67 for citizens born after 1959. His ideal work schedule is 10-11 hours three times per week for people over 60. There is a problem with this plan.

You see, not everyone can physically work into their 70’s. That is just a fact. Just because Mr. Slim is 72 and still working doesn’t mean a thing. Not everyone in this world is as fortunate as he is to be the billionaire owner of a major company. Mr. Slim is also probably in fairly good health, given his job and what he does from day to day. But, I have a question for Mr. Slim. Why should the burden be placed on everyday people to fix a problem HE helped to create? That seems to always be the solution, let us the alleged “sheeple” work longer and harder to fix a problem that is not our fault. Is it our fault that Bilderberg, of which Mr. Slim I’m sure is a member, has crippled world economies? No, but the answer is we need to work harder. This man is worth $66.5 billion. I wonder how many national debts he could pay off with some of his money. How many could he pay off with all of his money? That is an interesting thought. Instead of us working harder or longer, how about the super rich give up some of their money to help out the world? Are we all not citizens of the world? They want us to give up our time and money to do these things. Why not them?

Oh, I forgot, they are busy trying to bankrupt more economies, cause more wars that will make them more money, create vaccines that will kill more people and try to blame us for anything and everything. The vaccines are very interesting. They want a lower population. Well, if you kill off too many of us, and still raise the retirement age to 70, what will they do? Who will pay the tab if too many of us are gone? Like I said before, a lot of people can not physically work into their 70’s. There family health history is not good. Most people have cancer in their families. What about heart problems or diabetes? These are just a few of the health problems that could prevent a person from working that long. Do you think Carlos Slim cares about that? Hell no he doesn’t. He just doesn’t want his money to be touched. He has alot to do, like trying to figure out how to spend billions of dollars and still not do anything to help the world out.

Carlos Slim is just another one in the long line of Bilderberg scum who thinks that he is too good to help out the “little guy”. He probably sits around all day bathing in his money and trying to figure out who to screw over next. I’m sure that takes 10-11 hours three times a week to do. He is basically telling any person who is a senior citizen that regardless of your physical health, you better find a job to help out the world economy. There may be people out there that are in their 50’s who can’t work. What if they have an injured back? Doesn’t matter to Slim, better find a job. How are they supposed to  find a job? Most jobs out there won’t hire them. He is also acting like jobs are growing on trees. Jobs are not being created at the rate he thinks. If they were, then according to him, everyone could have a job.

Here is an idea Carlos Slim. Why don’t you and the rest of your billionaire friends get together and take some of your money, and start paying off some of these countries’ national debts. Oops, I forgot, that would mean that you would be helping out the “sheeple” and God forbid you do that by giving up your “hard earned” money. Why don’t you try living paycheck to paycheck? Wait, i’m sorry, you have never had to do that. Everything you have has probably been handed to you. The funny thing is, its amazing how people’s view from the top of the mountain is skewed.

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  1. carlos slim is not the richest man in the world. what kind of conspiracy site r u. the richest man in the world is either the pope or a rothschild

    1. The other guy might be wrong about one thing though. Disney family says we did not go to the moon!

  2. Yes, slim is the richest man in the world today. Not the pope or Rothschild or Rockerfeller. Oh and by the way, JFK was shot man! We landed on the moon too!

    1. Who shot JFK? Explain your answer. Have you been to the plaza where this happend before it was all changed? If you have not then you can not answer the question.

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