What Happens To Venezuela’s Oil When Hugo Chavez Dies??

Sources and rumors are running rampant about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. If you haven’t heard by now, Chavez has been battling cancer for some time now. He has made at least 3 trips to Cuba to treat what doctors are calling metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma. It is a very aggressive form of cancer and sources are claiming that the cancer has entered its “end stage”. President Chavez is a colorful character that once claimed he “smelled sulfur” after stepping up to the podium at the United Nations following a speech by George W. Bush some years ago. He is also known for claiming that the United States is responsible for his cancer as well as the cancer of several other South American leaders. That is a bold claim but Chavez never tried to hide his thoughts or his feelings. Some feel he is too over the top while others feel that he is an evil dictator that runs his country with a iron fist with no remorse for anyone or anybody for that matter.  But enough about that. Let’s look at the real question and that is the oil.

Here's a breakdown of what the oil situation looks like presently.

Venezuela is sitting on a huge amount of oil. It is believed that Venezuela holds somewhere around 13% of the world’s oil. That certainly makes them a major player. But with the rumors of Chavez not living long enough to see the results of his country’s election, which takes place in October (yes he is running for re-election), what will happen to the oil? Will the U.S. swoop in and try to snatch it up? What about China? They have alot of investments in Venezuela and could stand to lose alot if in fact Chavez does die. Will Bilderberg play a role in the chaos that may ensue in the aftermath? Bilderberg may be the wildcard in all of this. Other countries have been attacked or a regime change has taken place and its no surprise that some of those countries hold alot of the world’s oil.

Remember the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait that sparked the first Gulf War. How about the U.S. led invasion of Iraq that saw the overthrowing of Saddam Hussein’s regime? What about the invasion of Libya that saw the murder of a supposed evil leader in Gaddafi? What do these countries have in common? That’s right oil! Those are just a few examples of what has happened to countries with large oil supplies. It would not be any kind of problem for Bilderberg to install a leader that is from their ranks and they would control yet another large oil reserve. These are just some things to ponder about a developing situation with Chavez’s health and the aftermath of his demise. Who knows, maybe Venezuela will be attacked since Chavez is now on his deathbed. Maybe Bilderberg will make their move since we all know that they like to prey on the weak. Will Bilderberg view Venezuela as weak since this information has come out? This is just a little thinking outside the box here.

Only time will tell about this situation.