What a Travesty?!? First Lady Says Jesus is a Good Role Model, Sparking Outrage

It's hard to disagree with the First Lady on this one.

The nerve of Michelle Obama.  Today, she told a conference OF the African Methodist Episcopal Church meeting in the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee that Jesus Christ would be a good role model for all phases of life, including democracy.  She expounded on Jesus Christ’s life and how his actions were not something he did just once or twice a week.  He lived it day in and day out.  Michelle says we should all strive to do the same, but not just in religious and moral topics, but democracy as well.

“Democracy is also an everyday activity.  And being an engaged citizen should once again be a daily part of our lives.”

We at Common Sense Conspiracy are being a little facetious on this.  Of course we have no problem with what First Lady Michelle Obama had to say here.  Even if you believe the Bible is rubbish, it’s hard to say a lot of bad things about Jesus Christ, unless you just want to insist that he doesn’t exist at all.  Even some of the most staunch atheists still acknowledge that if you toss out the supernatural divinity and such, it’s hard not agree that most of the message was a good one.  We salute Michelle Obama for what she had to say, but let us be the first to tell you…there are many, many Americans that did not.  A cursory look around Internet message boards showed tons of dissent, many criticizing Michelle for mixing church and state, something that the Democratic party is firmly against.  And then there’s the conspiracy part, of course.  Did you think we wouldn’t go there?

There are plenty of people that think this is political posturing in the critical election year climate.  A lot of black Christians weren’t sure how to take it when President Obama publicly endorsed gay marriage, although he still insisted it is up to the states to decide.  Bringing Jesus to the forefront in her discussions may be a way of putting Obama back in favor with the religious segment of his party, as well as hopefully capture the hearts of the all-important swing voters.

Personally, I believe that Michelle Obama was just speaking what she believed to be true.  But it’s the world that we live in.  Every word will be scrutinized to death in an election year (or any time for that matter) and there will be those that believe there were sinister intentions to whatever happens.  In any case, it’s nice to see someone in politics acknowledge Jesus Christ for something.