Supreme Court Upholds “ObamaCare” — Now Can We Please Work on Health Care Reform?

A lot of people thought that the Supreme Court would ultimately declare President Barack Obama’s controversial health care plan, often termed “ObamaCare”, unconstitutional.  And in a manner of speaking, they did.  As a matter of fact, as the news broke that a decision had been reached, major news networks reported the story incorrectly because the opening pages of the decision seem to indicate that the panel did indeed find issue with the policy.  However, the court did rule in Obama’s favor ultimately, although it had to place the reform package into the tax category to find that is was legal.  The final decision was a 5-4 showdown that left many pundits scratching their heads.

Now, the road is paved for President Obama to get what he wanted.  Naturally, Mitt Romney has already gone on the record saying that ObamaCare will be the first thing he does away with if he wins the presidency in November.  While this was a victory technically for Obama, there is always the possibility that it could backfire.  Polls nationwide have shown over and over again that most Americans are not completely thrilled about this variety of health care reform, but for now, people are generally happier sticking with Obama than taking a chance on Romney.  And the health care package backfires on Romney a bit as well.  After all, he famously suggested the same idea of an almost identical plan for Massachusetts, a fact that will no doubt be pointed out many times over the next few months leading up to the election.

Okay, so that’s our bit of news reporting for this article.  Now, let’s talk about the issue in our Common Sense Conspiracy trademark way.  What we want to know is that now all of the bickering about ObamaCare has been settled, can Congress and the President maybe work on a plan that will really bring health care reform?  Fat chance, yes we know, but this isn’t reform at all.  The health care system is not being changed.  And the damage to our country could be something that takes years to fully become implanted in our society, but the damage will be felt sooner or later.  We already have a nation that suffers from too much entitlement.  People don’t want to work for a living, but instead want to ask for the government to take care of them?  Now, we know there are many, many people out there that will benefit from this and have legitimate situations for why they are in the predicament they are in.  However, we all know the truth.  We see it every day, everywhere we go.  There are a lot of people that are more than happy to take advantage of our government’s programs and have no intentions of trying to make a better way for themselves and their family.  They have no ambition, and now, that ambition has one more reason to grow even less.  For the working people of America that hold down jobs, and still have to pay for their own healthcare, albeit at a lower rate, there will be no benefit.  Yes, proponents of ObamaCare will cry from the rooftops about how this will benefit everyone because rates will go down for insurance because everyone will have it.  It’s a good theory, like most of these things are, but what are the odds that the amount being taken from your check every week for health care ever changes?  Actually, very good.  They will certainly go up, like they always do year to year.

The Supreme Court determines the constitutionality of issues; their affirmation does not mean they agree with the law itself.

The concept is that with everyone having health insurance, no one will be splitting out on bills, which supporters of this package say is the problem.  No one ever points to the system itself as the problem.  Take a look at what hospitals and doctors charge for their services.  Now, we aren’t trying to send the doctors to the poorhouse.  That is not the point.  But any reasonable person can see the rates are out of control for even the most routine procedures and problems.  Why are they so out of control?  Because they can charge that.  No one says they can’t.  The insurance companies will haggle, but in the end they will get more than it probably is really worth when it all comes down.  The people that don’t pay don’t matter because those costs are sent right back into other consumer’s bills.  This is what Democrats claim will change.  No more write-offs means lower bills for everyone.  But nothing in the legislation requires the hospitals and doctors to lower rates if things get better.  Do you think they are going to lower their rates out of the goodness of their hearts because not as many people are skipping out on the bill?  No, they will just be happy that they are finally making all of the profit they wanted to from the beginning.

So, it’s our opinion here at Common Sense Conspiracy that we need real health care reform, and that isn’t about making sure everyone has health insurance.  It’s about making sure that insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, and everyone else involved in this huge industry are regulated to work together to provide efficient and affordable service that is fair and within the law.  And for those of you out there that claim that we are just Republicans having a cow with ObamaCare, think about that last sentence.  We are actually calling for MORE GOVERNMENT REGULATION not less.  This is not about politics or what side you are on.  This is about a system that needs to be overhauled, but overhauled in a different way than this.  Now, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really bother me that some people that otherwise would have been without insurance will now have it.  I’m not heartless and want people to not have access to the things that I have.  But to tell me that it is going to make things better for everyone is ludicrous.  No, it’s gonna make things better for those that are benefiting from it directly, which is anyone that would have otherwise not had access to health insurance.  For me, things will continue on much as they have been, assuming that it doesn’t result in more taxation or higher rates, which we have repeatedly been promised will not happen.

If you want to make health care universal, then let’s do it.  They like to use that word…universal.  It’s not universal because it’s only providing for some not everyone.  Those that have always paid their way will continue to.  Another problem with the theory that more people will health insurance actually saves money in the long run is that they don’t take into account how many more people will go to doctors more frequently now that they do have health care.  This is a good thing, and we’re not saying that these people shouldn’t go to the doctor when they have an ailment.  And prevention does save money, and we whole-heartedly salute that.  But we all know someone who goes to the doctor not because they have a real health concern but because they want to score some pills.  Loritabs.  Pain meds.  You name it.  Even cough medicine.  And doctors have already proven to be too lenient about doling out these medications in the past.

Put simply, not everyone in America is doing everything on the up and up.  And they now have one more reason to continue the charade.  And for those of us that work for a living and pay our way, congratulations.  We get to keep doing just the same, thanks to this “reform.”