“Supermoon” Nothing to Be Concerned About — Nothing Super about this Moon

Bad moon rising?

This weekend, a phenomenon called a “supermoon” will no doubt cause some chatter on the Internet world, especially in conspiracy forums.  This is the time of year when the moon appears to be larger than any other time during its full moon phase.  It often appears quite luminous in the sky, and there has always been a fascination with the idea of the “supermoon” for centuries.  However, in reality, there is a very simple solution for why this happens.

A “supermoon” is simply when the moon reaches its full moon phase at its closest approach to the Earth.  So naturally, it is going to look larger than it would at any other point.  The effect is only aesthetic in nature.  There is no effect on anything on the Earth beyond the normal tidal effects we observe all the time.

So, don’t be worrying about the apocalypse or earthquakes.  The biggest nuisance the “supermoon” will be causing you is if it is so bright that it makes it a lot harder to see the Eta meteor shower, an annual skywatchers’ event.  Beyond that, it will be quite pretty to look at, and that’s about all.