Spray-On Battery Invention Changes the Game in Batteries and Power Sources

Are the classic AA's going the way of the dinosaur?

United States’ scientists have come up with a breakthrough invention that may open up all sorts of possibilities for electronic devices.  Up until now, the size and layout of electronics that required batteries for power sources were always limited by the physical characteristics of the batteries themselves.  No more.  Researchers at Rice University have come up with a way to convert the traditional battery into a liquid format where it can then be sprayed onto any surface.

You can only imagine how much smaller some of our already mind-blowing devices could get with this innovation.  The researchers experimented with the invention by spraying power sources on curved surfaces, like a coffee mug.  The technology is still limited for now, but this is only the first wave.  As more researchers expand on this basis, it will improve quickly.  One possible result is the ability to spray on solar power cells onto any surface, making it easier to give almost any surface a means of creating energy on its own.