So What’s Up With the Zombie Apocalypse and Why Is It So Popular in Some Parts of the World?

The concept of a zombie apocalypse is nothing new in popular culture.  It permeates horror movies, video games, and even the government tackled it in a video last year.  They said that if a zombie apocalypse warning is what it takes to get people motivated to be prepared for disasters than so be it.  The movie Zombieland took on the idea in 2009, and the Resident Evil series of video games has always featured throngs of zombies, always advancing in a mindless state toward the game player.  Call of Duty, perhaps the most popular video game right now, even supplied a whole subplot of zombie levels for its wildly popular Call of Duty:  Black Ops.  And television show “The Walking Dead” is hugely successful…what’s it about?  You guessed it.  But your average person never really put a lot of stock into the idea as being a realistic thing to be worried about.  However, with that much zombie-talk in the public consciousness, it is no surprise that recent world events are causing people to wonder if a zombie apocalypse is set to jump off their television screens and onto city streets.

It seemed that was exactly what happened in Miami last week when a man high on “bath salts,” the latest, greatest drug, attacked a homeless man and started eating his face.  Just like a video game, he continued to feast on human flesh, even as police officers shot him when nothing else would deter his efforts.  It took six shots to take him down, and he never once strayed from his goal of devouring the man’s face.  Even in the video games, the zombies go down quicker than that.  Then, cannibalism seems to be on the rise in the world in a major way.  In Russia, especially, there have been alarming numbers of cannibalism incidents reported.  No one has a lot of reasons for why this is happening.  A man was arrested in Baltimore, Maryland for cannibalism acts, and his mug shot looked otherworldly.  People want to know what is going on and why so many of these incidents are springing up.

So, is this the beginning of a zombie apocalypse?  Should people be preparing for a whole new type of disaster?  Truthfully, Common Sense Conspiracy is as baffled as anyone.  We do believe that these types of incidents tend to inspire more media attention for other incidents, leading people to believe that there is an epidemic when the events are probably more isolated than the media’s coverage would have them believe.  For example, the Miami attack was such a compelling news story that other cannibal-type articles were springing up everywhere on the Internet for events that might have gone mostly unnoticed if there wasn’t something starting the fire.  The Baltimore would have just been chalked up to another crazy, but with the Miami incident fresh on everyone’s mind, people are linking the stories together and suddenly realizing that this is more prevalent than they thought before.

Future or make-believe?

The idea that any sort of drug a person could ingest could cause the madness that occurred in Florida is pretty frightening.  After all, usage of these “bath salts” is on the rise.  The really scary thing about it is the effect stories like these have on the usage of the drug.  You would think that anyone in America right now would be like “Hell no” to bath salts, but such a severe reaction to the drug actually cultivates curiosity and intrigue.  While many will turn away from it in the heat of the moment, others will want to try it just to see if they can conquer it, or if the high is so unreal that it makes the risk worth the reward.  Education is so very important, and parenting in America is not what it has been in the past.  Common Sense Conspiracy continues to caution parents to be aware of what their children are doing, who they are hanging out with, and always looking for the warning signs of drug abuse.  This is not teenagers going out and getting drunk on a Friday night in Nowhereville, USA.  These drugs are dangerous, mind-altering, and are causing ordinary people to do very extraordinary things.

As for the zombie apocalypse, we have to admit, the Miami incident certainly fit all the hallmarks of a “zombie.”  But zombies are supposed to be the undead, and this fellow was most certainly alive.  He took a very dangerous drug, probably in a higher quantity than “normal” use of it, and then was possessed to commit one of the most atrocious deeds of all of our lifetimes.  Common Sense Conspiracy is researching cannibalism thoroughly right now, including trying to get factual data about whether it is really on the rise, or if it is just being reported more than it was before.  The media focuses on what is “sexy,” and what drives more people to its materials, and right now, the zombie apocalypse stuff is the cream of the crop.  Everyone wants a piece of the action, but not everyone is reporting accurately.

So, our advice is that you do need to be prepared for disasters, but not just the “zombie” variety.  So perhaps grab some water, plastic sheeting, a tent, and plenty of canned goods.  The media is very taken with zombies and flesh-eating drug abusers right now, but what they aren’t harping on are dangers that might be even more real in various parts of the world.  There are people out there that have went on the record as saying that the Fukushima nuclear incident in Japan is only just beginning to blossom.  Some experts have gone as far as to say that it could ultimately result in North America being uninhabitable.  That’s right, the whole hemisphere.  Then, there’s a volcano in Mexico that is getting zero attention while it may produce an eruption so big it will earn a place in the history books far above Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, plus any other influential figures. And both of these are way more likely than zombies attacking your home.  So, as always, you gotta filter through the bullshit.  Test everything.  Hold to those that are true.  Don’t allow your mind to be wrestled from your shoulders, or you will be the zombie.

7 thoughts on “So What’s Up With the Zombie Apocalypse and Why Is It So Popular in Some Parts of the World?”

  1. The Zombie stories are all part of a LIE perpetuated by police agencies, irresponsible journalists and misinformed people. These stories have been designed to crush the research chemical industry. Who’s to gain from making up preposterous sensationalist stories like this? The same people who continue to profit from America’s failed war on drugs. Why? Because synthetic drugs made a few new millionaires and cut in to a few old billionaires profit margins. Common Sense Conspiracy may be baffled, but I see right through these lies. WAKE UP!

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  3. Okay, now Im a 14 year old female who does research about diseases such as toxoplasma gondii and brain parasites now I can understand that the mad who attacked that homeless guy “was on drugs” because why would you attack a homeless guy? The report says it took 6 bullets now that’s not right 6 bullets to take a man down, one man down that’s crazy sorry but apparently he got shot a few times, he growled and carried on and it took a bullet to the head, just like a zombie like man now no matter what, a bullet is a bullet and two shots would of killed him but no it took 6 shots to the head , and even if they shot him in the leg which I dont think they did, he would of passed out or even died of blood loss, apparently he had no drugs in his blood system but I would have to look at his biopsy

    1. Yep I totally agree with you. But there much behind these episodes happening. And I totally do not believe the bath salts story at all. I was on those bath salts for almost 5 years. I will say yea they aren’t a drug to mess with they are a very evil drug and make you loose your mind but they aren’t going to make you eat no one. But by the grace of God I am off that crap and I’m very thankful. There’s definitely something happening and something even bigger getting ready to happen. And the government is covering it all up. And now they are saying that some people in Africa that has died from Ebola and has been buried is raising from the grave in a like zombie state. All we can do is prepare just incase case it’s just a matter of time before Ebola breaks here in the US. Be safe were ever you may be and god bless you and your family.

  4. I don’t know what’s more disturbing, the current pop culture love craze for zombies or the recent rash of TV shows glorifying serial killers (Dexter, Hannibal, Bates Motel, etc). Now Fox actually has a prime time show dedicated to Lucifer. Yuck. It’s bad enough that the majority of films today are aimed towards overgrown comic book geeks. Today’s movie-going audience seems to suffer from a severe case of arrested development.

    I can see how zombies can reflect people’s fear of losing one’s individuality as well as mirror the increasing cannibalistic nature of our “soulless” capitalist system. The mind-numbing tedium of the work-a-day world sure makes people feel like zombies. They’ve never been my favorite brand of monster but I risked seeing a few zombie films that treated the genre with humor. So I have to admit, ‘Shaun of the Dead’ & ‘Warm Bodies’ are great films that were funny & genuinely scary at the same time.

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