Real Life Carrie?? Vietnamese Girl Can Start Fires With Her Mind

The girl reportedly accidentally set her house on fire. This photo shows some of the aftermath.

Well, if you weren’t worried enough about finding out that zombies seem to be springing to life in our world, now an 11-year-old Vietnamese girl is being studied by scientists because she has the curious ability to set things on fire with her brain.  Yes, if it sounds like a good plot for a book, don’t worry.  Stephen King rose to fame with his novel Carrie about a girl with similar talents.

The girl’s family has reached out to the local university for help because they don’t know what to do about their daughter’s unique ability.  Apparently, she can start flames on objects near to her.  An expert is being assigned to monitor the girl at their resident in Ho Chi Minh City.  A scan of her brain revealed a red streak on the right side that no one can explain.  Could this be what gives her the comic book-like power?  The girl was given a quartz bracelet to wear on her arm.  When she wears it, the streak dissipates, but it makes her very uncomfortable.  She described the sensation as feeling as if electricity is flowing through her body while she has the bracelet on.

Although nothing has been proven thus far, the girl alarmed her family when it became apparent to them that she could cause things to catch on fire when they were in close proximity.  They reported that she had ignited plastic and cloth substances.  The family says she can perform the feat on things within a 20-foot radius.  She has never done anything to harm herself or others, but the family’s concern is growing.  Further testing is underway to see if the reports are true.

2 thoughts on “Real Life Carrie?? Vietnamese Girl Can Start Fires With Her Mind”

  1. The girl goes to a school, where I am a teacher.
    I fire started in a school toilet. CCTV footage shoes her being very suspicious.
    A cigarette lighter was found concealed in her school bag.
    No one has seen any of her fires start … they happen in other rooms where she has been.
    Her parents make a big thing about it, as if they are promoting it.
    i wonder if they concealed cameras would reveal something.
    There were three weeks of publicity and all went quiet when confronted with possibility.

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