Q Sensors Coming To A School Near You

The Q Sensor helps measure emotional responses.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are up to no good. The foundation has issued $1.4 million in grants to develop these Q sensors. A company from Massachusetts called Affectiva Inc. is developing the sensors. They will be tested in middle school classrooms. It’s designed to determine how attentive students are in the classroom. It will monitor how the students respond to the way a teacher presents a lesson. The goal is to see how students fare in the classroom and how they respond to a teacher’s presentation, or how they respond to different teachers ways of teaching. I know you are waiting for the catch, there is always a catch, right? Well the catch is they will also be video taping the classrooms as well. The sensors main function is feedback. Bill Gates and his foundation believe they can boil down effective teaching to an algorithm. That is an interesting way to look at it. Does Bill Gates believe everything can be looked at like that? I wonder if he looks at the world’s population like that. I can see it now, “subtract 3 billion, carry the one, no wait, I think we should subtract another billion.”

Does it bother you that Bill Gates of all people is so involved in your child’s education? Correct me if I’m wrong, did he even go to college? High school for that matter? I wonder if one of the richest people in the world even went to school at all. Why is he so interested in children’s education? Maybe he is trying to avoid the IRS? I know that is a big jump to make, but maybe he is donating all this money to avoid the IRS crawling around and seeing just what he really has.

Common Sense Conspiracy would like to hear from any parent whose child will be attending one of these schools that will be testing these so called Q sensors. Are you concerned about this? How does your child feel about wearing the sensor or about being video taped in class? What other concerns do you have, if any at all?