Prison Will Hire “Friends” for Norway Mass Shooter

The Norway shootings shocked a nation that normally has very little violent crime.

Anders Behring Breivik is the infamous Norway shooter, now on trial for the murder of 77 lives.  He allegedly bombed a government building in Oslo and then went on a shooting spree.  The incident led to intensive scrutiny in the media of Norway’s ability to protect its citizens.  After all, most feel that by the time this madman had shot 77 people, surely something could have been done to stop him.  In any case, the 33-year-old is on trial.  It is fully expected that he will be convicted of all charges.  From there, it will depend on a psychiatric evaluation whether Breivik ends up in a Norwegian prison or a psych ward.

In anticipation of the possibility of Breivik entering a maximum-security Norwegian prison, officials are already in the process of creating a plan to keep Breivik isolated from other inmates.  This is for both party’s safety.  Norway’s prisons are famously lenient, however, and they have pretty soft laws about prison terms and the manner of incarceration for even insanely sinister crimes like this one.  Some even liken a prison term in Norway to a youth summer camp in America, not unlike the one he opened fire on.  But the revelation that applications were being accepted to be Breivik’s “friend” are over the top to say the least.

You heard us right.  The Norway prison system is actively seeking to hire and compensate people to be Breivik’s friend while he is incarcerated.  The reason is that Norway has strict laws that condemn isolating a prisoner for a long time as cruel and unusual punishment.  Because they are adamant that he not be in contact with the general population, they are actually looking to hire people willing to deal with the stress of paying Breivik visits and even playing sports or games like chess with him.  No word on what the pay being offered is, but this has to be one strange thing to list as your occupation.  Such a concept would be unheard of in America.  Norway’s congenial policies toward inmates may seem grossly out of line to Americans, but ironically enough, Norway has a very low re-offend percentage.  It also has a low crime rate in general, especially in the violent crime department.  But Breivik single-handedly may have altered those percentages with the unbelievable tally of deaths he was able to rack up.  So, what do you think about this job opportunity?  There are still some unemployment problems in America.  Time to relocate?
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