Potential UFO at Bottom of Baltic Sea Gives Off Electrical Interference to Divers

This is the only image in existence of the supposed "Baltic UFO" so far.

Well, as usual with these things, the eye of the beholder is the final arbiter.  The official story is that there is an interesting circular patch of naturally-formed rocks at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.  The unofficial story is that this is a UFO that has been buried in the ocean for who knows how long.  Whichever version you believe, the mystery is building.  Right now, there is only one image in existence, seen here at left, and it has spawned plenty of UFO enthusiasts’ excitement.

A team of Swedish divers called the Ocean X Team are investigating the object which has been confirmed to be over 200-feet wide.  Today, the plot thickened, as the Ocean X Team said that they are experiencing difficulties in getting close to the object for further inspection because of electrical interference they believe is being emitted from the object.  They even said that it turns off and on, and they were sometimes able to get closer to the object when the interference resumed.

Last time we checked, rock formations don’t provide electrical interference to dive teams, so if this is true, it is definitely exciting to think about.  However, skeptics have already weighed in on the issue, calling it a scam and a desperate attempt by the Ocean X Team to get more publicity out of the situation.  Peter Lindberg is the head of the Ocean X Team and has been quick to offer up news that seems to point to the object being something extraordinary, if not extraterrestrial.  But the Ocean X Team is getting a lot of attention out of their deep-sea alien hunt, and some scientists and experts believe he is playing it up for the cameras.

We will watch this story.  Our gut feeling is that when it is all said and done, the “UFO” will turn out to be a rock and that the other issues are probably either a hoax or something that has another explanation upon further examination.  But it is definitely interesting, and we look forward to bringing you more common sense news as the story develops.