Pastor John Hagee Tells Atheists To Leave The Country — Well That’s Not Very Christian Of You Is It??

Before everyone gets bent out of shape, we do realize this is a conspiracy site and not a religious site. Common Sense Conspiracy was created to try to do what our mission statement says. If you are wondering what our mission is, just check out the top of our page. What Pastor Hagee has said here would qualify in my estimation as bullshit. Yes, I will be using I and me, instead of we. This is just one administrator’s opinion. This opinion may not reflect the opinion’s of all the CSC administrator’s. So what is causing all the ruckus this time, you might be wondering? Well, Pastor John Hagee, the head of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas has boldy told all the atheists that they can leave the United States if his Christian beliefs offend them. He stated that planes are leaving the country every hour on the hour, and they need to get on one because they will not be missed. Well Mr. Hagee, in my opinion, this is not very Christian of you to begin with.

Outspoken Christians can sometimes do more harm than good for their mission statement.

Mr. Hagee has made wild statements like this in the past. He has made comments about homosexuals, atheists, the Catholic Church and Hurricane Katrina’s path of destruction that tore through New Orleans. Have you ever wondered why Christianity is frowned on in this day and age? Did anyone stop to think why homosexuals and atheists won’t come anywhere near a church? I think i may have an answer. IT IS BECAUSE OF STATEMENTS LIKE THESE. And its not just John Hagee. There was a pastor in Kansas, who recently said that all the gays should be rounded up and killed. Gee, I wonder why they don’t want anything to do with the Christian religion? Hagee has about 19,000 members in his church. He has radio and television programs that reach millions around the world. So, his message is heard loud and clear. Especially the people he is directing this message toward. Why am I saying that this is not very Christian of Mr. Hagee? Let’s take a look.

You see I am Christian. I believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Heaven, Hell, Angels, Demons and the Bible. When I read the Bible, I read things such as Mark 2:13-17. This story in the Gospel of Mark tells of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ sitting down and eating with “sinners and tax collectors.” If Jesus Christ can do this why can’t Pastor Hagee? Is Mr. Hagee better than Jesus? I certainly think not but instead of Hagee reaching out to the atheists, he totally SHUNS them and tells them to just leave. Well, atheists are just the people Jesus would be meeting with. I read things in the Bible like Luke 19:10. Luke 19 :10 states that Jesus came to seek and save that which is lost. Jesus says that atheists and homosexuals for that matter are lost. We as Christians are supposed to be INVITING THEM TO CHURCH! We are not supposed to be telling them things like what Mr. Hagee tells them. Remember John, Jesus has called you to be a preacher. You are held to a higher standard. Now before anyone says that I have unfairly judged him, Christians are supposed to STAND UP WHEN WE SEE AN INJUSTICE. This is an injustice. Jesus would not tell the atheists to leave the country. Jesus would not tell anyone to round up the homosexuals and kill them. Christians are to invite them to church, and if THEY CHOOSE to come, then we are to show them who Jesus is. We are to answer their questions to the best of our ability.

In the Bible, Jesus did not stay in the church the ENTIRE time. Jesus went to the sinners that He sought to save. Yes, John, that means HE WENT TO THEM. Sometimes they came to Jesus. The point is Christians are taught to not love the sin but to love the sinner. I think Hagee has forgotten this. This is why I think that alot of people, not just atheists and homosexuals, are turned off by Christianity. I feel compelled to say these things because Jesus is supposed to be John Hagee’s Lord and Savior as well. Why then is he not reaching out to the atheists? Why not INVITE them to your church instead of telling them to leave the U.S.? I’m quite sure your Christian beliefs do OFFEND THEM when you say things like this.

Christianity is under the microscope all the time, and it does not help when one of the most well known pastor’s takes to his pulpit to say things like this. If any atheist or homosexual were to want to know about Jesus, how are they to learn when a Christian pastor tells them not to show up at church. A church door is supposed to always be open. Well, apparently except for Cornerstone Church. Sorry John, but that is the impression that you give with comments like this.