New Information on Miami Cannibalism Incident — “Bath Salts” Not the Kind in Your Medicine Cabinet

Real bath salts are harmless and have tons of benefits around the house.

More information is slowly coming out regarding the insane events that are being called the “Miami Cannibal Attack.”  Rudy Eugene was nude when he attacked a homeless man and proceeded to eat his face.  He was clearly out of his mind, and no one that heard about it doubted that drugs were probably at the root of this one.  Now, police have revealed that they suspect Eugene was under the influence of a drug that is a called “bath salt” on the street.  This is a drug that has already been in the news a lot lately.  It is known as the street by names like “Purple Rain,” “Vanilla Sky,” and “Dynamite.”  Some have equated it to LSD, but it may be even more dangerous than the famous hallucinogen.  Just last year, bath salts were all over the news as emergency rooms received many visits from patients zoned out on the drug.  There were even deaths, some due to the drug itself and some due to homicide or suicide.

Bath salts contain chemicals that have profound, and dangerous, effects on the brain.  While the drug affects everyone differently, there have been an alarming number of incidents where the drug, which is not technically illegal at this time, caused rampages similar to those found with hard-hitting drugs like crystal meth, PCP, and LSD.  The DEA listed it as a threat to public safety.  Some states have already outlawed the substances, but it is still legal on the federal level.  However, the DEA did institute a ban on possession and sale of the ingredients that have been determined to give it its threatening effects.  These are mephedrone, methylenedioxypyrovalerone, and methylone.

It is important for everyone to realize that “bath salts” is street lingo for what is basically a new drug that “street chemists” are cooking up.  As a matter of fact, there is no real formula for it in particular.  It is made with the three ingredients the DEA banned and combinations of other things to make it more palatable to users.  Too many people think that the drug is related to actual bath salts, or Epsom salt, that people use for all sorts of household purposes, from soaking sore bones to fertilizing gardens and plants.  Epsom salts and other real bath salts are in no way related to this drug and should not be feared by the population.

While no one is sure exactly why they are called bath salts, the term sprung up in tobacco shops trying to conceal its true use to avoid it being banned.  It is advertised in these instances as bath salts and “not for human consumption” but characters seeking the drug know what it really is and how to use it.  The salts can be swallowed, snorted, or directly injected.

So, once again, bath salts is a name for a drug that apparently was the catalyst for what many are calling a “zombie” attack on a homeless man in Florida.  They are not what you have in your medicine cabinet for household use. But you should definitely educated your children about this new drug threat that unfortunately is still widely accessible at this time.  While the cannibal attack is certainly damning enough, studies show that a staggering 91 percent of people who get high on bath salts suffer neurological damage.  Permanent damage.  In case you don’t know, that’s the brain.  77 percent suffered damage to their heart as well, and that is only a couple of things on a long list of terrible side effects that go with the drug.  And it doesn’t take prolonged use to make this happen.

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