Mitt Romney Seen At Bilderberg 2012 — Obama To Be Replaced??

Some protesters even had welcome signs for Romney outside the conference.

The conspiracy rumor mill is churning after four eyewitnesses have placed Mitt Romney at Bilderberg’s 2012 meeting held in Chantilly,Virginia. The eyewitnesses, who are hotel staff, have also apparently confirmed that Bilderberg does not like Obama that much. With that statement, it seems a change could be in store for the presidency of the United States.  Does everyone remember when Obama won the election over Hillary Clinton? Well, Clinton was a heavy favorite and was leading Obama for awhile and then all of a sudden, in front of our eyes, a shift happened and magically Obama overtook Clinton and eventually won the presidency. Will this scenario play out when Romney challenges Obama for the highest office in the land? This next presidential election is shaping up to be very interesting.

Also of note from this year’s meeting, Bill Gates was also in attendance at the Bilderberg meeting. This should not come as a surprise because Bill Gates has long been rumored to have attended previous meetings. Why is Bill Gates and Mitt Romney attending the same Bilderberg meeting worth mentioning? Well, the same eyewitnesses that placed Romney and Gates there have also stated that the long sought after Bilderberg attendant list is a bunch of nonsense. Conspiracy theorists clamor every year for this list, but the eyewitnesses have claimed that you probably won’t find the names Mitt Romney and Bill Gates on the list. While the people who are on the list do attend the meeting, the eyewitnesses claim that there are other elite people who attend who do not appear on the list. Maybe conspiracy circles have placed too much importance on the list? Bilderberg apparently uses the list as some kind of smokescreen. Why does Bilderberg need a smokescreen? Maybe they just like to play games with the conspiracy theorists because they like to see them run around touting the attendance list as the gospel?

Will Obama remain for a second term or will we “elect” a new Bilderberger to the office of President of the United States?

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  1. I think conspiracies abound in this world. I believe much of what we see is only what we are allowed to see. The real truth is generally hidden.

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