Miami Cannibal Had Nothing But Marijuana in His System — Talk About the Munchies?

Eugene Rudy, the now infamous “Miami Cannibal,” was theorized to have had bath salts and cocaine in his system when he unleashed his brutal face-chewing attack on his victim.  But autopsy results don’t jive with that analysis.  After all of the attention given to bath salts since the attack, it turns out that Rudy had absolutely nothing in his system but marijuana.  The coroner’s report absolutely ruled out the influence of any other drugs.  Marijuana was the only thing that Rudy was on.

We all know that marijuana users are famous for the munchies, but this is going too far for sure?  Could it be true that marijuana alone caused this man to step outside of himself and eat another man’s face?  Never mind the fact that he spat out everything that he ate, leading to almost none of the man’s face being found inside his intestines.

This story just gets stranger and stranger.