Medical Breakthrough — People Can Live Without Breathing

The oxygen mask helps patients get more oxygen in their blood, but new inventions may make it unnecessary, even in life-threatening situations.

It seems these days like each and every day there is a medical breakthrough that rivals something we might see out of Hollywood futuristic films, but the reality is that medical technology is moving at leaps and bounds.  Now, scientists have managed to develop particles that when injected into the bloodstream can deliver oxygen as effectively as breathing.  Meaning that they can actually keep you alive even if you cannot continue to breathe on your own.  It’s easy to see the ramifications of this invention.

The team at the Boston Children’s hospital’s marvel will allow paramedics and doctors in emergency situations to keep someone alive that has suffered a major failure in the respiratory system for as long as 15 to 30 minutes.  We’re not talking about buying them a few extra seconds.  A half-hour can be all it takes to get someone where they need to be.  It also gives doctors a window of time for discussing what to do.  In the status quo, doctors are forced to make knee-jerk decisions because there simply isn’t time to debate the course of action.  Those extra minutes of observation and discussion could give doctors a chance to be more strategic in how they treat these situations and how to minimize risk factors in whatever course of action they choose.

It really goes to show that the concepts that are being thrown around that people being born today might live to 150 and beyond is not optimistic speculation.  The future is now.  Medical technology is advancing, and soon enough, there will be more inventions like this that make it even easier and more effective for doctors to save and prolong lives.  But it’s impossible to ponder these things without thinking about the repercussions.  Organizations like Bilderberg that are thought by conspiracy theories to be moving toward population control have even bigger problems than they thought.  After all, it is widely reported that they already think the world is over-populated.  How will they feel when that same over-population starts living twice as long?

But that’s an easy one, isn’t it?  They’ll find a way to stop it.  Even as researchers are in labs trying to prolong our lives and make them better, there is another group of people in the shadows trying to do just the opposite.

Who has more money?